Art and Craft Shops in Paris

Getting busy with arts and crafts is not only many children’s pass time but it is also a bread earning opportunity for some people. Some items have intricate designing on them, which are sold at a high price, while others are done to show a particular culture and/or tradition. Considering the demand for arts and crafts, many shops have established themselves solely for the purpose of promoting them in Paris. Known to be a creative process, the activity requires skill, patience and diligence to end up making a product that is pleasing to the eye. This article will help you in finding art and craft shops in Paris.


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    Mahatsara features different arts and crafts that are created by the artists and designers of Southern Africa, promoting their ethnic inspirations.

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    Africouleur promotes African tradition by offering the country’s traditional handicrafts, including jewelry and clothes.

    Art And Craft Shops in Paris
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    Ateliers d'art Liturgique Cheret has quality and aesthetically pleasing products made from steel, metal, and chrome on sale.

    art and craft shop paris
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    Rose et chou-fleur takes pride in providing traditionally designed products like clothes and jewelry.

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    Rougier et Plé is an art shopper’s delight, supplying art and craft goods like water colors, pastels, oil paints etc.

    art and craft paris
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    Esprit Composite presents a buying opportunity to professionals and amateurs alike, supplying quality arts and crafts products.

    art and craft paris
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    Astier de Villatte has a wide range of hand-made products to choose from.


    art and craft shop paris
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    Ubu is a jewelry shop that has a variety of designs on display, one of which is sure to take your fancy.

    art and craft shop paris
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    Le Rouvray is a quilt shop that is run by a dynamic entrepreneur who has a vast experience in textile.

    art and craft paris
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    Néréides offers intricate designs of jewelry made from eye-catching stones.

    art and craft shop in paris

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