New Year Celebrations in Paris

Paris is among those lively spots in the world where New Year is celebrated with sheer excitement and great enthusiasm. Being a part of amazing New Year celebrations in Paris is a unique and unforgettable experience. People from all over the world gather in the capital of France to make their New Year memorable. The elegant lights, special fireworks and all kinds of thrilling New Year parties is what make Paris a source of great attraction. The article highlights some of the most popular and visited place in Paris especially in the New Year Eve.


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    Montmartre, is a popular hill station in Paris from where the complete view of the city can be seen. A massive crowd gathers at Montmartre on the New Year eve to witness the celebrations and fireworks that are organized in Paris. Special arrangements for food and entertainment are made at Montmartre for New Year celebration.

    Location: 21 Place Tertre, 75018 Paris, France view map
    Contact: +33 1 42 62 2121
    Website: Click here

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    Champs Elysees, is one of the most famous street of Paris, where New Year is celebrated with great excitement every year. The street is swamped with elegant light and incredible fireworks with the start of the new year make the place very colourful. Champs Elysees is a must visit place in Paris.

    Location: Avenue des Champs Élysées 75008 Paris, France view map
    Website: Click here

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    Nouveau Casino, is a famous hangout for the people of Paris where they eat, play and enjoy. The Casino makes special arrangements for New Year with unique lighting, exclusive decoration. Special food promotions are also available for the customers on the New Year eve.

    Location: 109 Rue Oberkampf  75011 Paris, France view map
    Contact: +33 01 43 57 5740
    Website: Click here

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    Le Restaurant du Palais Royal, has a historic value which is the oldest and one of the most famous places in Paris. The royal gardens of the place and food taste of  Le Restaurant du Palais Royal is simply magnificent. Special New Year parties and celebrations are organized in the place in a unique style.

    Location: 110 Galerie Valois  75001 Paris, France view map
    Contact: +33 01 40 20 0027
    Website: Click here

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    La Nouvelle Eve, is an elegant cabaret music hall in Montmartre which has its own charm. Apart from the normal days, La Nouvelle Eve arranges special revue with some delicious flavours of food for New Year to make the night memorable.

    Location: 25 rue Fontaine  75009 Paris, France view map
    Contact: +33 01 48 74 6925
    Website: Click here

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    Brasseries Flo, is a popular French cuisine in Paris which offers top quality food at a very reasonable price. Special New Year dinning is offered in Flo Brasseries and it is a great place to say farewell to the previous year with family and friends.

    Location: 7 Cour Petites Ecuries  75010 Paris, France view map
    Contact: +33 01 47 70 1359
    Website: Click here

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    Loubnane, is one of the best Lebanese restaurant which is quite famous for its décor and quality of food. The restaurant organizes frequent New Year parties from the last week of December to the first few weeks of January.

    Location: 29 Rue Galande. Paris, France view map
    Contact: +33 01 4326 7060
    Website: Click here

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    Sacre Coeur of Montmartre, is an inspiration for all those people who have seen its beauty and spent a New Year Eve in the place. It is a roman catholic church and people from all over the world come to Paris to celebrate Christmas and New Year at Sacre Coeur.

    Location: 35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre  75018 Paris, France view map
    Contact: +33 01 5341 8900
    Website: Click here

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    Cafe Oz, is a famous night spot in Paris with a diverse crowd. If you are looking for a lively party with great atmosphere for New Year celebration, Café Oz is the place to go.

    Location: 18 Rue Saint-Denis, 75001 Paris, France view map
    Contact: +33 01 4039 0018
    Website: Click here

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    The Hemingway Bar, was ranked as the best bar in the world by Forbes Magazine. The bar is absolutely amazing and a must visit place especially during the Christmas and New Year’s when it is filled with sheer excitement and enthusiasm.

    Location: 15 Place Vendôme  75001 Paris, France view map
    Contact: +33 01 43 16 3365
    Website: Click here

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