List of Boat Insurance Companies in London

London has a rich naval history that stretches back hundreds of years and the oceans and seas have guided the progress of the city into the modern age. Today, London still has docks and ports that showcase its rich history with a mix of luxury yachts, large commercials vessels and some super tankers which are docked at historic ports. The traffic of pleasure boaters and commercial ships can get hectic, accidents and mishaps do take place from time to time. These accidents can be expensive and in some cases fatal. Businesses and individuals protect them selves from loss by purchasing boat insurance which falls under marine coverage. Insurance firms can protect boats, yachts, and commercial ships from accident, loss, theft, fire and other incidents.


  • 1

    Cheers Insurance Brokers, Offer several types of insurance covers along with boat insurance. They specialize in pleasure boats and commercial boats.

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    Aon Ltd, offers boat insurance to owners all across the globe. They cover theft, fire, malicious damage, capsizing and collision from other boats.

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    Bishop Skinner Marine, are a specialist marine insurance company. They offer numerous different Boat Insurance offers including travel insurance.

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    Caithness & Co Ltd, offer several different types of insurance coverage to its clients including marine, house, motor, travel and commercial. The firm was established in 1974 and is regulated by Financial Services Authority.

  • 5

    Basic Boat Liability Co, cater to individual owners of small boats, yachts and pleasure crafts. They offer a no frills insurance that covers third party liability according to UK law.

  • 6

    Velos Insurance Services Ltd, is a specialist marine insurance broker that deals in all kinds of boats and advice. They have been in business for 30 years and cover Yachts, Pleasure Craft, inland waterways, commercial craft, Super yachts and cargo.

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    London Special Risks Ltd, is a Lloyd's marine insurance broker that focuses on marine, boat and transportation. They deal with some of the largest ship operators, ship builders, commodity traders, insurance companies and mutual associations.

  • 8

    Tokio Marine (Europe) Insurance, has offices all over Europe and gives their clients effective products to deal with marine risk. They cover all sorts of commercial boats with marine risk and fire risk. 

  • 9

    Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Co Ltd, is a Korean company that has offices in London and insures many businesses including marine commercial interests. In this business line they cover Cargo, Hull, Inland Transit, Aviation and Satellite.

  • 10

    Kite Warren & Wilson Ltd, has insurance services for marine, non-marine and the energy field. They are based in London and are a very customer oriented business.

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