List of Free Events on New Year Eve in London

New Years Eve parties and events come only once a year and most venues charge a premium on the last day of the year. However, it is possible to have a good time in London without breaking the bank. There are several activities to do in the British capital that do not require any entrance fees or tickets and can be enjoyed by the whole family. However, in order to get the most out of these free events you should remember to try and arrive as early as possible to get a spot because most places will limit the amount of people entering an area for safety reasons. Another good idea is to dress warm because the nights will get cold. So bundle up and head on over to these free events in New Years Eve in London to kick start your new years in high spirits!


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    London Eye Fireworks, no New Year’s celebration is complete without the fireworks. The best place to get an up close glimpse of the display of London’s world famous fireworks is at the London Eye. Arrive early because people start saving spots at 8pm. They also close off entry when the crowds get to big, so it’s a good idea to meet up with friends and family before hand and make your way down to the event.

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    Big Ben, is another great location that offers New Year’s party goers a free spot to ring in the coming year. Located at one end of the Palace of Westminster in London, people will be counting down to the end of 2011 with the iconic clock and then witness the amazing fireworks display.

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    Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, is a great alternative to the big crowds at the fireworks displays. The park is made to look like a mountain village with great lighting. There are numerous activities for kids including a Ferris wheel and circus. Don’t forget to try the food and beverages on offer at the many stalls. Entery into the park is free but you will be charged for the circus and big wheel.

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    Tower of London, is another free entry location on New Year’s Eve. There is also a popular ice skating rink that does have a ticket. However, there is much to see at the historical location including lighting and the river Thames and views of the royal palace.

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    London Tube, this is something that most people don’t realise but the London tube is usually offers free travel from 11.45pm to 4.30am on New Year ’s Eve. Of course the tube is not an attraction in itself but the insanity of party travelers is entertaining on its own.

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