List of Internet Service Providers in London

No one can ignore the importance of internet in today’s world. We can view information from anywhere with internet and everything is now available at a distance of single click. The number of Internet Service Providers in London is increasing day by day. These companies provide a wide range of latest internet services in London including broadband services, dial-up Internet access – at home, in the office or on the move, shared web hosting, leased lines, permanent internet connections, video conferencing, voice conferencing, National Ethernet, Virtual private network (VPN), Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS), domain name services, e-business services and so on.

This step by step listing of a top Internet Service Providers in London will make it easy for you to contact the internet providers according to you need:


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    Claranet Ltd

    Claranet Ltd, a renowned Internet Service Provider in London, was established in 1996. It is their utmost priority to help their customers make the most out of internet-enabled technology, and to achieve the best. Claranet Ltd is one of the top internet service providers in Europe and is famous for delivering high quality solutions. Their expertise in both hosting and networks makes them unique from their competitors.

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    Urban Wimax Ltd

    When you talk about Internet, networking and high-speed symmetric bandwidth connections, Urban Wimax Ltd is London’s pioneer in internet connectivity. Their mission is to improve the way businesses and homeowners connect to the internet. Urban Wimax Ltd offer 30 to 70 percent discounts along with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. There is no data limit, which means you can send and receive large wp-content/uploads quickly and easily.

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    TalkTalk is the fastest broadband provider in London. You can use their speed checker available in their website in order to check their speed before availing their services. They offer free wireless router for any PC/MAC in homes along with 40 GB download facility. In addition to that, they offer unlimited evening/weekend landline calls within UK and 10 percent discount on calls to your top 16 mobile and international numbers. Their packages are more affordable as compared to rest of the companies.

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    Backbone is the major IT services provider to small businesses in London. They are serving their customers since 1998.  Internet is one of the key components on Backbone’s client network. They assist you in finding the optimum service for your requirements, including liaising with the ISP in the event of a service disruption and providing you with regular updates, careful management of DNS records, domain additions and renewals, backup records and more.

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    Xinix World

    Xinix World is a reputed name when it comes to providing service providers, enterprises and governments worldwide with complete solutions to deliver voice, data, hosted and video communication services to the end users. They offer cheap business calls and one system for multiple offices at low cost. You can reduce your mobile costs up to 60 percent one quick call to Xinix World. They offer unique broadband packages with 24/7 unlimited usage and 2.5 Mbps upload speed. Their broadband Service is ideal for home users and small offices looking for ultra-fast 24 Mbps Internet Access at low price.

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