List of Private Health Insurance Companies in London

With the increase in hectic work load and decrease in time to take care of your health, the demand of the private health insurance has increased in London. Once the health Insurance was limited to only few people in United Kingdom because of the high rates but now, with the increase in private health insurance companies it has dropped to the reach of layman. However, if you have decided to get health insurance you should closely evaluate the package, policy and coverage by different companies. There are many companies in London that offer better rates and more coverage that might include hospital treatment, private treatment, and ambulance expenses. Here is a step by step list of private health insurance companies in London from where you can start your search.


  • 1

    Independent Health Care Consultancy, are specialised in medical and health insurance broking. They consultancy to clients on strategy, design, delivery and communication of health and well being programmes.

  • 2

    Tysers, are one of the biggest firm in the World that handles risks related issues but also deal in private health Insurance.

  • 3

    Private Health Service, offers advices and services for health insurance in the London UK. Individual, family and company health insurance.

  • 4

    Jardine Lloyd Thompson Ltd, is an international group of risk specialists and employee benefits consultants and are one of the largest companies of its type in the world. They cover wide range of fields for insurance including private health insurance.

  • 5

    Nationwide, claims to provide the best and competitive health insurance to protect your ups and downs of life.

  • 6

    Avenue & Co Private Finance, provide services in various fields that include residential and commercial mortgage advisers and Health Care, insurance and property consultancy. They can also provide private health insurance.

  • 7

    Bupa Centre, claims whether the client is an individual or a business looking for advice on how to keep workforce healthy. They can provide support that's tailored just for you.

  • 8

    AXA PPP healthcare, has been providing health insurance across UK for last 70 years. They provide a range of innovative products and services to meet your medical insurance and health care needs.

  • 9

    PruHealth, work in multi-fields including private medical health insurance, health cover, health and wellness, and financial advises. They are among the high rated private health insurance practitioners.

  • 10

    Gill Noble & Co, has been working in the health insurance field providing expertise for more than 40 years. They are among the trusted insurance brokers and financial advisors in London.

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