List of Wine Tasting Events in London

Londoners are known among the biggest fans of alcohol beverages. This mixture of fermented juices of grapes is known for its strong taste and beautiful color. Besides grapes, apples and berries are also used in the procedure. Without any addition of sugar, the chemical balance of fermented grapes is efficient enough to create a remarkable taste. Yeast is another important ingredient of wine that gives height to the taste.

‘Wine improves with age.’ It is true that if a wine is stored properly then with age, the taste will be improved. This is why demand of vintage wine has always been high.

Procedure of Wine Tasting

Being a fan of wine may be easy, but tasting and judging its originality and quality is also a tough task. This evaluation procedure starts from the presentation, then the aroma of wine poured in the glass is analyzed and in the end, the taste is judged.

Types of Procedures

There are several tasting procedures which include blind tasting, vertical tasting, horizontal tasting, and tasting fights. With massive advancement in the wine industry, the city of London has been organizing several wine tasting events under the authority of distinctive wine companies and manufactures. If you, being a true admirer of wine, wish to acquire relevant information about wine tasting festivals, then this article will certainly help you out.


  • 1

    East London Wine School

    This is known for being an independent wine education company which introduces wine courses for wine fans. They are also eminent for granting terrific wine tasting experience by scheduling wine tasting events. Besides tasting, they also offer wine courses in order to increase knowledge related to wines and their historical backgrounds.

  • 2


    Ridel is prominent in London for producing finest glassware made up of crystal. Claus Riedel, the designer of wine glasses introduced this company. They have also gathered massive amount of fans by arranging wine tasting events which are scheduled frequently.

  • 3

    Noble Vines

    It has an ultimate motive to remain in the industry to endow Londoners with a vast knowledge on wine. They have been organizing fabulous events in which approximately 30 people participate in the tasting of this classic drink. The session lasts for 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

  • 4


    Jeroboams is known for programming an informal wine tasting event in a traditional and friendly environment. Wine tutors present at the event give detailed descriptions about each wine which turns the exciting event into a knowledgeable and thrilling experience.

  • 5

    Champagne Tuesdays

    This is a London based company but it has been playing a prominent role all over United Kingdom. If you really wish to enjoy wine, then this organization will definitely give you a memorable experience. Corporate events like wine tasting events are scheduled in which experienced and qualified wine professionals take part and give relevant knowledge.

  • 6

    Local Wine

    It schedules a wine tasting evening for 40 people who are in their 20’s and 30’s. The event is organized so that people who have interest in this beverage can taste and acquire knowledge related to it. Besides tasting 6 different kinds of wines, a wine quiz session also takes place and winners are given admirable gift hampers.

  • 7

    London Wine Academy

    This academy has acquired good amount of fame by granting people knowledge about wine and food through a variety of courses. Besides other thrilling events, wine tasting experience is also given to interested people. A few courses are also available which people can take part in. These are specially designed for beginners. 

  • 8

    Grape Wine social group

    It was established in the year 2004. The main purpose of introducing such a group was to bring awareness related to wine. Besides being the leading dating organizer, the group has been striving to be recognized as top wine tasting event organizers - something in which they have succeeded.

  • 9 schedules uncountable wine tasting events annually. These are distinctive form each other due to the varieties of wine. They give people the chance to encounter a variety of wines which differ from each other due to their taste and characteristics. Later on, the participants of the event are given complete knowledge about each category of wine.

  • 10

    Just Good Wine

    Wine lovers of United Kingdom are grateful to Just Good Wine who are known for organizing classic wine tasting events for 20 people. They not only schedule this event in their location; but in different offices, houses, restaurants and bars as well. 

  • 11

    Berry Bros and Rudd

    They are the oldest wine merchants of United Kingdom and have been trading wine for 310 years. Along with wine schools, they also try making wine education fun by organizing wine tasting events. Under the observation of wine tasting tutors, a magnificent event takes place. Besides wine tasting, lunches and dinners are also arranged.

  • 12

    Thirty Fifty

    Thirty Fifty is an award winning organization which takes all possible steps to grant Londoners with wide knowledge of wine. They have introduced several courses that are entirely related to wine. Besides education about wine, wine tasting events are also organized by Thirty Fifty. These occasions not only give people a chance to increase their know how about wine, but they are also entertaining programs.

  • 13


    It is another award winning social group which is playing its role in spreading awareness of wine and its different categories. The creative mind of Tastour’s management team has been arranging every event differently which is the main reason why people easily get attracted. 

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