How to Overcome Speech Anxiety

Anxiety itself has various types and symptoms, including excessive sweating and dizziness, and some people suffer from a condition known as speech anxiety. People who have speech anxiety generally find it difficult to talk to others or speak at all in front of people. This type of anxiety can be a result of speech impediments or general shyness, and can be overcome with a few simple techniques listed below.


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    The first thing you need to try is to talk in front of a mirror and watch yourself while you do so. This will help you become more comfortable with your own image and voice as you see and hear yourself talk. This can be very useful ahead of a big meeting or presentation, where you can write down your script and repeat it in front of a mirror until it becomes easy. Watching your mouth in the mirror can also help you learn how to pronounce words you find difficult to deliver.

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    If you get extremely anxious when you are delivering a speech or presentation, you should write everything down and make notes or small cards to help you maintain focus. Try to divide everything into small points and print these out in a large font so you can easily glance at them while delivering your presentation or speech.

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    Relaxation techniques can also be useful in overcoming speech anxiety. If you start feeling nervous as you think about delivering a speech or presentation, you should stretch a little and practice deep breathing to calm down. Once you practice these relaxation methods regularly you will start having more control on your emotional and physiological symptoms.

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    Speech anxiety also leads to a dry mouth and throat in most cases, which is why it is recommended that you carry a water bottle with you. You can easily keep a water bottle in your car, on your work desk or take one along for a board room presentation. Stopping for a bit and sipping a little water is going to help you with the dry throat and allow you to speak more comfortably.

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    Using charts, diagrams and photos along with your presentation is a good way to convey information and you will consequently not have to talk as much as you would without these visual aids. In order to avoid having to talk much, you can enrich your presentation and let your slides do most of the talking for you.

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    A good way to overcome speech anxiety is to talk to your friends and family. When talking to friends you should not be afraid of being judged or embarrassed and they can give you constructive feedback regarding any issues you might face. You should use this opportunity to practice your speech and get an honest opinion regarding your problems so that you can work on them.

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