Portman Early Childhood Centre London

Portman Early Childhood Centre is a nursery school which was registered in 2007 and has been serving from a single storey building which is situated in the London Borough of Westminster. The school gives admission to children under the age of three and offers them a separate classroom within the nursery. Half the children have opted to attend full-time sessions and enjoy healthy food being provided at the school. During the stay at the Portman Early Childhood Centre, children get a good beginning to their educational journey. The school’s staff is highly professional and is always looking for ways to improve the centre through best childcare facilities that they can provide. The centre truly takes pride in itself because it gives support not only to the children enrolled there, but also their families.


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    Portman Early Childhood Centre services

    A number of indoor and outdoor activities are available at the nursery which help to develop different skills in children.

    A healthy lunch which contains the necessary nutrients is served daily.

    Family support is also provided by the childcare centre.

    Psychiatrists, dentists, health visitors and career advisers often frequent the school.

    Trips and events are organized in which parents are welcomed.

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    Operational hours of Portman Early Childhood Centre services

    Portman Early Childhood Centre is open from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

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    How to contact Portman Early Childhood Centre

    If you want to get information about Portman Early Childhood Centre or ask about the admission criteria, then you can contact with them through the given number.

    Contact: +44 20 7641 5436

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    Carrier at Portman Early Childhood Centre

    If you want to be a part of Portman Early Childhood Centre then you should visit the school office in their timing hours, or you can ask them about the available vacancies by e-mailing on the given address.

    Email: info@portman.org.uk

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    Portman Early Childhood Centre location

    12 Salisbury St, London NW8 8DE, United Kingdom.

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    How to get Portman Early Childhood Centre at Salisbury Street

    By tube

    You can easily get to the Portman Early Childhood Centre by 5 minutes walk from Edgware Road. If you want to go by car then head east towards Mareleybone Flyover, and walk onto Mareleybone Road/Mareleybone Flyover by following the Mareleydone Road. Turn left into Lisson Grove and take the third left turn on Ashmill Street. By taking a second left turn from the street, you will enter into Salisbury Street and on your right side, you will find the Portman Early Childhood Centre. For a complete route map from Edgware tube station, click here.

    By bus

    If you want to go by bus, then the nearest bus stop is Edgware Road (Stop EZ). You can easily access the Portman Early Childhood Centre by using bus numbers 18 and N18.

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