Public & National Holidays in China

China is considered to be the most hardworking nation on the surface of earth. The country has achieved great progress during the last two decades. China’s cheap labour and tax reforms attracted the entire world, and several mega companies such as Nokia, Apple and Google shifted their businesses to Asia during the last few years.

The Chinese believe only in hard work. Since its revolution, China has achieved great heights in every field. The Chinese are considered to be most committed, passionate and dedicated people.

China has gained power not only in the Asian region, but also in the entire world. Only working does not make you successful. Everyone needs a break, and China is no exception. The nation enjoys every national occasion to the fullest. Although the government has recently cut down the number of public holidays, there are still several big days to celebrate.

Apart from the regional activities, there are seven major official holidays in China. Some major reforms were made in 2008, when the government abolished the Labour Day Golden Week, and added three traditional Chinese holidays (Qingming Festival, Duanwu Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival).

In order to create a long vacation period, the Chinese have invented a unique idea. The government usually swaps weekends with the weekdays in order to have a lengthy vacation period.


  • 1

    Holidays in January

    New Year’s Day (January 01)

    This day is known for the fireworks and other social gathering in China.

  • 2

    Holidays in February

    Spring Festival (Subject to lunation)

    The nation celebrates Chinese New Year with great enthusiasm. The occasion has recently been named as Spring Festival, and the Chinese enjoy three holidays.

  • 3

    Holidays in April

    Qingming (April 04)

    A cultural event that the Chinese observe very keenly.

  • 4

    Holidays in May

    May Day (May 01)

    The whole world observes this day to give tribute to the labour. Although the situation has changed a little lately, the Chinese are still considered to be the cheapest labour. And therefore, no one understands the importance of this day more than this nation.

  • 5

    Holidays in June

    Dragon Boat (June 12)

    Another cultural event that every Chinese observe, no matter which field they belong to.

  • 6

    Holidays in September

    Mid-Autumn Day (September 19)

    It is a seasonal event, and holds great importance in the Chinese society.

  • 7

    Holidays in October

    National Day (October 01-03)

    Another 3-day break comes in October every year. On 1st October 1949, Mao Zedong completely changed China’s fate. Since his revolutionary steps, there is no stopping to the progressive economy. In order to give tribute to their national heroes, the Chinese celebrate National Day every year.

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