Request for Credit Information letter

Mostly, it is believed that business is another name for on-time delivery and payment but it is not true all the times as sometimes you have to dispatch the shipment only on a promise of on-time payment. There comes the need of credit information letter as you must know the financial condition of the other party before putting your capital at stake. In business transactions, it is a common practice that that a company demands financial report from the other company before extending the line of credit.

This letter falls in the category of application letters as you are requesting somebody to provide you the required information. That’s why these kinds of letters should be written very tactfully as any blunder can harm not only the business relationship but also the reputation.

Start your letter with some polite salutation and then appreciate the other party inclination to start a business relationship. You should give the impression that you completely understand their requirements.

In the next paragraph, request your addressee to provide the relevant credit information to start transactions without any delay. Clearly state what you need and give them the assurance that their financial report will be a secret.

Use some professional and courteous sentences to end your letter.


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    Sample of Request for Credit Information Letter:

    Bill Edward,
    Manager Accounts & Finance,
    Q&Q Enterprises,
    23 Fountain Avenue,
    Eden Garden – 456783,

    May 14, 2007.

    Finance & Accounts Department,
    Jim Group of Industries,
    56 Main Boulevard,
    Eden Garden – 652891


    Thank you for showing interest in our products. We hope that the samples we sent you last month were up to your requirements. It was really a great pleasure to receive your recent order with the demand of immediate shipment.

    We request you to provide the relevant credit information so that we can start trading without any delay. We assure you that your financial status will be kept secret and will be used only for the relevant purpose.

    Kindly ensure that your credit information report includes:

    - Year of first sale
    - Financial statement of last 12 months
    - Debts
    - Payment Record
    - Terms of Sale

    Thank you again for your order and we hope that this transaction will lead us to more fruitful business relationship.


    Bill Edward

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    Template of Request for Credit Information Letter:

    [Your Name]
    [Company’s Name]
    [Address, City and Postal Code]



    [Receiver’s Name or Designation]
    [Company’s Name]
    [Address, City and Postal Code]

    [To whom it may concerns],

    We really appreciate your interest in our products and your order shows that you are completely satisfied with the quality of our product [mention the product if needed].

    I am sure you, being a professional organisation, know that there is always an official procedure to start trading. We need you to provide the record of your financial matters. We assure you that this information will be kept confidential and only relevant staff will have a look on it.

    I request you to send complete credit information which should comprise [add your required documents].

    Thank you again and we hope your trust will lead us to more fruitful business transactions.


    [Your Name]

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