Safa Park Dubai Overview

There are few parks in Dubai that are known for their prominence, tidiness and fanatical management and Safa Park Dubai is one of them. If you wish to take your family out on weekends and enjoy some quality time in a clam and relaxing environment then plan a visit to Safa Park Dubai. The park covers a space of 64 hectare (158.147 acre) and is present in the southwest of the traditional center near Sheikh Zayed Road.

You can celebrate small scale festivity or family gatherings, by having barbecue parties at this family oriented location. The fresh air and soothing greenery will certainly take your breath away. Whether it is Spring or Autumn, the greenery remains alive and fresh at this hotspot. In next to no time Safa Park placed itself among Dubai’s most visited places.


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    1975 was the year when this beautiful location was opened for public visit. The park contains approximately 200 species of birds, 16,924 different birds along with three lakes which were built over time.

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    Tickets and entry Requirements:

    The entry fee in Safa Park Dubai is relatively cheap, you will have to pay Dh.3/-. But if you have a car then you will have to pay Dh.10.

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    Events at Safa Park Dubai:

    This is a best place to plan family gatherings and enjoy weekend brunch or barbeque festivity on special occasions. The Park remains open for family oriented functions and celebrations. But you will have to keep the factor of cleanliness in mind or else the security might press charges on you.

    Note: do not bring along alcohol or barbeque pork because this is not allowed.

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    Operational Hours of Safa Park Dubai:

    Without any family or ladies day restriction the park remains open every day between 8:00 am – 10:00 pm.

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    Contact Details:

    For any query or issue you can contact the management of Safa Park Dubai through the number given below:

    Contact: +971 4 349 2111

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    Al Hadiqa Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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    How to Get to Safa Park Dubai:

    Bus is the only available cheapest public transport to reach there in the park. From Satwa, Bus Station 2 route number 98E makes a stop near Safe Park gate number 4. After getting off the bus you will have to move towards the southeast direction on Al Hadiqa St/D 69 and cover 240 meters distance in 3 minutes in order to enter into the park.View detailed map here.

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