Steps to Become a Judge

Judges are one of the most respected professionals in the world. A judge holds a great power and responsibility as he makes decisions regarding the lives of the people. Surely, it is very hard to become a judge as it takes a lot of hard work and dedication towards the study of law. Furthermore, you have to earn a respectable place in the eyes of your contemporaries in order to take a role of a judge. In this article, we have discussed the steps which you can take to become a judge.


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    First of all, complete your high school. During high school you should have the desire to become a judge. You must involve yourself in debating about the things which are happening in your surroundings. You should never accept anything based on only one person’s perception because you have to base your decision after keeping in mind all the aspects of a particular issue or affair.

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    Then, get an admission in a college and complete your undergraduate education. You can complete your Bachelor’s degree in any subjects because there is no particular degree required for getting an admission in a law school.

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    After getting your Bachelor’s degree, you have to join a law school which is affiliated with American Bar Association, for three-year programme. The first two years of your education in a law school will be same as every other student. However, in the third year, you will have to select the subjects which fall in your area of interest. You can make your position stronger by taking up some additional subjects in constitutional law.

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    After completing your three-year programme in the law school, you must complete the requirements to qualify for a judgeship by practising law for which you will have to take the bar examination in your state. Furthermore, you will also have to pass the multistate professional responsibility exams and character plus fitness interview. After fulfilling the requirements, you get your license and can practice law so as to become a good lawyer.

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    You can become a judge by an appointment or by an election. You will have to gain experience first by taking up the responsibility of a judge pro judge pro tempore which is a temporary judge, for a session or a day.

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