Strawberry Mint Soda Recipe

Everyone loves strawberries, especially in the summer. So what drinks can you prepare from strawberries? Well, as a matter of a fact there are a number of strawberry beverages you could make for yourself to cool your body in the heat of summer. However, here in this article we will look at the Strawberry Mint Soda Recipe.

Children and adults love consuming this drink. Usually Grandmas introduce it to the kids at a very young age. As soon as the drink for the first time, the kids start loving it. Just because Strawberry Mint Soda is extremely easy to make, it can be prepared for everyone including the children, friends and relatives on special occasions.

In addition to being very tasty, this incredible summer beverage is healthy and good for the stomach. It is known to lower the body temperature in the heat of summer. No one knows who created this drink first. However, over the last few years, it has gained worldwide popularity mainly because it is affordable and refreshing.

So if you are planning to invite some guests to your place, do not forget to prepare this delicious drink as it can enhance your reputation among your relatives and friends. If you are looking to serve Strawberry Mint Soda to the children, consider replacing wine with chilled club soda. Taste can be adjusted by adding less or more of one ingredient to prepare the drink without wine. It is also important to pour wine or soda down the edge of the glass to tame the foam. Here is how you make this scrumptious drink.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Serving Size: 8

Calories: 111
Fat: 0.1 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg


– 2 large limes, quartered
– 1 cup white sugar
– 1/2 bunch mint leaves
– 3 cups carbonated water
– 7 strawberries, quartered


  • 1

    Squeeze Lime quarter

    Take a sturdy glass pitcher and rinse it properly before using.  Squeeze the lime quarter and add them into the glass pitcher.

  • 2

    Toss Juiced limes into the pitcher

    Now it is the time to take the juiced limes and toss them into the pitcher along with the mint.

  • 3

    Add Sugar and Strawberries

    Add the given amount of strawberries and sugar into the mixture.

  • 4

    Crush the Fruits

    Take a muddler and crush the fruits so the juice is released from the strawberries and oil starts to come out from the mint leaves.

  • 5

    Add Soda club

    Now add club soda into the mixture and stir until it becomes smooth.

  • 6

    Add Ice cubes

    Add ice cubes to the serving glasses and pour the mixture into them. Your Strawberry Mint Soda is ready.

  • 7


    Serve it to the guests immediately.

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