Top 10 Basketball Games on Facebook

Want to start playing basketball on facebook? Are you a fan who can just never leave basketball even if you are off the pitch? You think you can manage, or do you want to play a virtual game? Facebook gives you the option to do everything while you are at it and playing basketball is also an option for you once you have logged on to this website. Therefore, always keep a lookout for the kind of games you want to play on this social networking website, as it allows you to explore almost anything around the globe.


  • 1

    NBA Boss Online

    It can be played for free on facebook. It is basically something which allows you to make a team online, and lead it to glory against your opponents. You can become a world champions by proving yourself as the best manager in the world. The idea sounds quite simple, but it isn’t. The management techniques involve trading, and using your tactical skills. You can buy and sell several top players around the globe.

  • 2

    Ballers United

    It is somewhat of a trading card game, but it involves a lot of basketball management. It is one of the best basketball games on facebook. The drill is the same: you are supposed to make a team, and lead it to glory to become the champions of the world. You can train your squad, choose different formations and even select the number of matches you want to play. Furthermore, you can also select a sponsor for your team and sell tickets.

  • 3

    Buzzer Beater

    This game would pit you against different online players around facebook. You will be playing against them one-on-one and then there will be different challenges. You can somewhat run your own franchise in this game.

  • 4

    Cyber Dunk

    You can become a manager, coach your team and win trophies. You can also appoint trainers and sign different gears. 

  • 5

    Basketball Zone

    This is also a basketball manager game. There are people who are also competing with their respective teams and you are supposed to win against them.

  • 6

    Charazay Basketball Manager

    This basketball game involves a virtual team which you build yourself, and play with as well. You can buy and sell players and select between different levels of the game.

  • 7

    Court Rivals

    In this game you can train your players and improve them individually. Secondly, you can either join a team or make your own team. Thirdly, you can challenge different teams owned by different people around the globe. And lastly, you can win awards and banners for yourself and your team.

  • 8

    5 Manager

    You are basically a manager to the basketball team that will compete in a championship. Create a team, get a staff, gather sponsors and make a stadium – all these features are included in this game.

  • 9

    Powerplay Manager

    This online game is definitely one of the best you’ll find. You can make a team and also compete in different sports. One club can play different sports, and you can always concentrate on basketball if you want to.

  • 10

    Basket Sim

    This is like a never ending story for any player who tries his luck in this game. You can keep winning different competitions; you can compete in different places and different countries. Moreover, you can build a team of your choice.

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