Top 10 Careers for the Future

The future can hold great importance for you. The way you plan will define your future and in order to have a stable and comfortable life it is important that you make all the right decisions and pay attention to your choices in life. From high school onwards your education should be profession based so that you can adopt an appropriate career later. Here are the top ten careers based on income and job security.


  • 1

    Medical Field

    This is the most secure field all over the world and is also very rewarding. In some countries people related with this field are the highest paid and enjoy a comfortable life practicing medicine. The best part is that you can easily get a job in a well reputed medical facility and if not you can always begin your private practice.

  • 2

    Engineering sector

    This is the next best career one can adopt. These days engineers related with telecom and software are the highest paid. However, if you are linked with the oil industry then you are paid quite well.

  • 3

    Financial Services

    Certified Public Accountants make a lot of money and enjoy a very stable and comfortable life.

  • 4

    Education Area

    If you love learning and teaching then this is the field for you. Professors in universities and colleges are handsomely paid. So this is a career which is stable and very rewarding.

  • 5

    Technical Jobs

    This includes jobs like Physical Therapist Assistants, Dental Hygienists and Veterinary Technicians. For this you require only certifications instead of a proper degree. These professions are also well paid and you can easily improve the quality of life by excelling here.

  • 6

    Business Services Jobs

    The business services jobs include Environment Health Specialist and Construction Estimator. These are also highly paid professions.

  • 7

    Sales Jobs

    This is a tough profession but if you are really good at it, then you are going to have a very rewarding life and will probably never be short of cash.

  • 8

    Consulting Jobs

    At the beginning this is going to look very tough but once you get the hang of it, you will become a pro and soon start earning a lot. In this field Management Consultants and Healthcare Consultants earn a lot.

  • 9

    Construction Jobs

    Working for a construction company can also help you earn a lot and make your life more lavish.

  • 10

    Management Jobs

    These are well paying jobs with considerable authority in the organisation.

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