Top 10 Fun Ways to Spend your Wedding Anniversary

In the life of each pair, there are certain dates that are needed to be remembered which cannot be ignored. For example, the day when you had your first date and the day when you happily agreed to marry a man or a woman. But the most important date is the anniversary of your wedding. To remember the wedding day can be very touching.

Wedding anniversary is a very pleasant and romantic event. Usually this day is surrounded by the special atmosphere of love, romance and joy. Most couples celebrate this event like they are marrying again.


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    Lovers of active holidays can arrange this day in their own way. Parachute jump, go on nature and go down the raging river, a ride on a racing car and so on.

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    Celebrate with flowers:

    The most important thing to do on this day surrounded by the magic of one another. Even small courtesies extended to you, will be very pleasant for a loved one. It may just be a bunch of flowers or a letter with a declaration of love.

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    Wear the wedding dress again:

    Wedding dress in the closet can do the trick. Women can wear the wedding dress without telling their husband in advance. It is recommended to wear it when your husband comes back home from work. It will surely surprise him and would be great fun. Try to convince him to wear his wedding suit as well.

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    You can arrange a grand celebration, comparable in scale to what happened in the actual wedding day many years ago. Invite all your friends and relatives.

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    Dinner for two:

    If you want to spend time together without guests, arrange a romantic evening at home or in a restaurant.

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    Hire a Limousine:

    You can also book a limousine for a few hours to go through the city together.

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    Go to a cinema:

    For those who enjoy outdoor activities, you can organize a cultural program for the day and take a walk on important for you to places where you first kissed or made an offer to visit the cinema, the theatre or a concert, go to the sports centre.

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    Travelling abroad:

    A great solution for the very first wedding anniversary will be travelling abroad. If possible, visit popular among all couples place.

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    Take dance classes:

    Arrange the anniversary dance. Prepare in advance with a professional choreographer few dance lessons, and surprise guests on the evening of your "improvisation" under the pre-selected music.

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    Buy a gift:

    Exchanging gifts would be great fun too. Do not worry if you are weak on budget. Beautiful gift can be purchased for little money e.g. a photo frame.

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