Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Options & Ideas

The importance of a healthy breakfast has been emphasised by many nutritionists. It keeps you active, energised and healthy. Those who want to maintain their weight or lose some should never skip breakfast. When the body wakes up from an eight hour sleep, it definitely needs food to jump start metabolism. It is important you choose the right foods for this first meal in order to stay healthy. Most people are in a hurry in the morning and pick up a sugary doughnut and coffee which are unhealthy. There are healthy breakfast options that you can enjoy in the morning.


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    These are easy to prepare and a powerhouse of protein. They also contain anti-oxidants which are beneficial for the eyes and the skin. If you are on a strict diet, skip the yolk and eat an egg white with a wheat bagel or bread.

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    It is one of the best choices. It contains soluble fibres which keep the blood sugar regulated and helps the body feel full. Keep it sweet with brown sugar or honey. If you are trying to lose some weight then it is a great option.

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    They contain numerous vitamins and nutrients. They protect against heart disease and diabetes. You can add them in oatmeal or yogurt or just pop some in your mouth.

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    Peanut butter

    Nuts are counted among those foods that promote weight loss. They contain healthy fats needed by the body. Take a spoonful and spread it on a whole wheat bagel and you are set to go.


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    Grain bread

    They are an ultimate source of fibre. Do not fall in the trap of white bread, choose healthy options. Go for whole wheat, bran or multi-grain. Spread some peanut butter on top or eat it with eggs.

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    It provides you with calcium and protein as it gives you strength for the whole day. Yogurt is also counted among appetite suppressants. Add some berries or honey for a sweet taste.

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    Green tea

    As compared to frothy cappuccinos, this is a healthy choice. It contains anti-oxidants which reduces the chance of cell damage. It is also good for the skin.

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    They are a great way to have milk and fruit in your routine. Add some milk, ice and experiment with your favourite fruits.

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    Cottage cheese

    It keeps you full for a long time. The cheese has a lot of calcium and is a good source of protein. It goes well with bread or fruit.

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    They are fast, ready to go breakfast choices. There are many brands in the market with different varieties. Chose a cereal which has whole wheat and is low in sugar.

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