Top 10 Most Difficult Programming Languages

Computers are a part and parcel of life and they have certainly made life a lot easier for everyone. They are used in homes and offices to perform various tasks. High speed computers provide people with options that were previously unavailable.

Computer programs are written in languages that the computer can understand and therefore is able to execute a given task. Without these languages, it would have  not been possible for computers to work.

Some of these are quite difficult to learn and program in as they are not everyone’s cup of tea.


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    Hyper Text Markup Language was developed in the 80’s and is used for the purpose of mainly developing websites.

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  • 2

    Cascading Style Sheets

    The language helps in making website even better. It separates the content of the document from the actual presentation of this information.

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    The Common Business Oriented Language is mainly designed to support finance, business and administration domains. It gives a wide range of options to the programmers to make changes as per their needs.

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    C Series Languages

    Known as the mother of all languages, C and C++ are some of the hardest programming languages to master but can provide you with many options for programmers to make use of.

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  • 5


    VB.Net is a combination of Visual Basic and .Net. It brings the best of both worlds for programmers to make use of but it takes a fair effort bit of effort to master it.

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    This language made it a lot easier to make dynamic websites that offer many options for the admin as well as the clients. PHP also makes operating and updating websites easier.

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    Structured Query Language helps in data storage and its management. The purpose was to support the data base management systems.

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    PYTHON is a high level programming language that has an emphasis on the readability of the code. Its main feature is the multi-programming paradigm.

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  • 9


    JAVA is another language that works around the web but it is a proper programming language and not just a markup language like some of the others.

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  • 10

    Action Script

    Created by Adobe in 1999, Action Script is believed to be the most difficult language to program in. It is an Object Oriented Language.

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