Top 10 Most Harsh Brutal Punishments in the World

Although humans consider themselves higher than all other animals, they commit acts which not even the wildest beasts known to man have ever committed. Sometimes in the name of keeping discipline, we humans enforce some of the most brutal punishments. While some might believe that it is impossible to avoid them, these punishments are without a doubt extremely painful and can leave a person crippled, meanwhile there are other punishments which are put in place to end a person’s life.


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    Flaying involves the peeling of human skin from the body. In this punishment, the person is tied down and his/her skin is ripped off with the help of something sharp, usually a knife. This is an old punishment which is practised in different parts of the world even today. In some war ravaged countries in Africa this is the number-one choice for punishment.

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    Beheading is another ancient and very cruel punishment. It has been practised by many cultures throughout history. Prisoners accused of severe crimes and condemned to death face this brutal punishment. Usually the head is removed by a single blow with a sharp blade. This rips the head off the body, which is later sewed back before burial.

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    Hanging is the most practiced punishment in the world and is still prevalent in many parts of the world. Nonetheless, there are a decent number of counties that are no longer using it for capital punishment. Once again, criminals accused of severe crimes are given this punishment.

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    While this is no longer practised in the western world, it still exists in the developing world. People accused of crimes such as adultery receive this punishment. The accused has his/her hands and legs tied while the people of the city throw stones until he/she is dead after suffering severe injuries.

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    Toe Wedging

    This is yet another very painful punishment and has been practised for centuries. To inflict this punishment sharp wooden or metallic wedges are hammered under the toe nails, violently ripping them off. Armies in the past and some in the present use this method to extract valuable information from captured enemy soldiers.

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    This involves severing a prisoner’s limb. People guilty of theft face this punishment, where one hand or both hands are removed with the help of a sharp blade. This is also an ancient punishment and is still practised in certain countries.

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    Flogging and lashing

    For this punishment, the accused is beaten with a whip or a strap. This is a widely practiced punishment all over the world. Criminals accused of moderate crimes face this punishment.

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    Caning involves the beating of prisoners with full force using a cane soaked in water. In this process the skin is split as the cane rips the bare flesh. This is extremely painful where the prisoner is held by another person who keeps reminding him to breath.

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    Death by shooting

    Here the prisoner is made to stand in front of a firing squad which opens fire on the command of an officer.

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    This has been banned all over the world but was once practiced widely, especially in the United State of America for prisoners sentenced to death. The chair needed to be electrically charged and the current had to be passed through the prisoner.

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