Top 10 Places to Run a Marathon

Running a marathon is a healthy activity which makes a person challenge his or her physical limits. There are many such events that take place all over the world and tons of people come to participate. Some of these marathons outscore their rivals due to certain interesting aspects that they offer. These are the top places to run a marathon.


  • 1

    Great Wall marathon, Tianjin, China

    Going up and down the Great Wall is no cakewalk and will test your limits. It is best to not exhaust yourself in the start and enjoy the great sights on offer.

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  • 2

    The last marathon, Antarctica

    Definitely the most testing weather conditions to run a marathon in. Despite taking place in Antarctica's summer, temperatures can be sub zero and the terrain is pretty harsh.

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  • 3

    Marathon du Médoc, Bordeaux, France

    It is not an event for the teetotalers as the runners pass across fifty three vineyards. It’s no surprise that most of the participants fail to make it to the finish line.

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  • 4

    The reggae marathon, Negril, Jamaica

    An easy going marathon, it gives a chance for the runners to enjoy Jamaica. Most people participate for the fun rather than the run, pretty similar to the actual aim of this marathon.

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  • 5

    The Big Five marathon, South Africa

    The halfway mark of the marathon passes near the Kruger National Park where all kinds of animals can be found. There is a heavy guard for the runners to make sure that they are not harmed by the animals.

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  • 6

    Gran Maratón Pacífico Mazatlán, Mexico

    With a picturesque setting, running along the beautiful coastline is fun enough. Breaking the world record can get you a million dollars which adds to the charm of the event.

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  • 7

    Taj Mahal marathon, Agra, India

    For some distance, the architectural marvel can be seen while running. The temperatures are pretty high even in October so be sure to train well for enduring temperatures for this marathon.

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  • 8

    Easter Island marathon, Chile

    Due to the small nature of the Island, only 150 runners can be a part of it. The island itself is at a large distance from the Chilean mainland and has a small population of four thousand.

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  • 9

    Venice marathon, Italy

    It is a great opportunity to see the different parts of the city as you run through them. You will come across some of the most famous landmarks along the way.

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  • 10

    Whidbey Island marathon, Oak Harbor, USA

    With beauty all around, it is a perfect get away from the usual city destinations. With roads closed for traffic, the marathon provides a calm environment to the participants.

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