Top 10 Qualities a Teacher Must Have

Teaching is considered one of the most decent and noble professions all over the world. Considering this, a teacher is supposed to be decent and knowledgeable person who needs to have a firm grip over his subject. The students always idealise their teachers during their studies and it is the major reason that requires a teacher to behave in an ideal manner. There are many qualities that a teacher should possess in order to transfer his knowledge and ethics to the students. Keep reading this post to know the top 10 qualities a teacher must have.


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    Pleasant and Engaging Teaching Style:

    A teacher should posses an engaging personality and an interesting teaching style that keeps the students to pay attention to what a teacher says. It helps in keeping students engaged during the class.

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    Goal for Lessons:

    A teacher should set up goals and objectives from each lecture or class. He should be aiming to achieve his target after completing his lecture as it will help him to know his progress and also the improvement of his students.

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    A teacher needs to be a disciplined person and he should never compromise on discipline in any case whatsoever. It will help him to produce positive changes in his students by teaching them discipline in life.

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    Management Skills:

    Management skills of a teacher play a vital role in making him one of the best teachers at school, college or university. These skills help in controlling the class in a skilled manner and also in improving discipline among the students.

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    Passion for Teaching:

    The most important quality of a teacher is that he has a passion for teaching and takes this job as the core object of his life.

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    Interaction with Parents:

    The best teachers always maintain a good interaction with the parents of the students. It helps the teachers to let the parents know about the progress of their children.

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    Expectations from Students:

    A good teacher always gives his best to the students and also has a lot of expectations from his students. He expects that his students will become successful in their studies and practical life as well.

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  • 8

    Knowledge of Curriculum:

    Having a strong knowledge of curriculum is the most important quality that a teacher should possess. He is supposed to be expert in his subject which will make him the best and most liked teacher by the students and their parents as well.

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  • 9

    Strong Character:

    The character of a teacher should be very strong because students always idealise their teachers because they do not have any other experiences of meeting with different people except their teachers. So, a teacher should have a strong character.

  • 10

    Follow Rules and Regulations:

    Following the rules and regulations is another important quality that a teacher must have because it will help him to teach good manner to his students and he will make them good citizens.

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