Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Hate School

Childhood is the most memorable part of a person’s life. There are no worries or problems and life is simple. It is a time to be enjoyed with friends, eat ice lollys, drink milk and play in the back yard. Even the school was considered an enjoyment in older days. Nowadays kids feel that school is a burden. The thought of going to school annoys them and the smiles disappear. They are more prone to do holidays without a reason. The list compiles the top reasons why kids hate school so much.


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    Early morning

    Some people say this is the most difficult task in the world. School time starts fairly early and that means waking up at least two hours before that. You have to go to the toilet, get dressed, do breakfast and catch the school bus on time. When the kids hate waking up early, they naturally hate the reason behind it.

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    Boring uniforms

    Kids love colors and uniforms are generally very dull. They are white, navy blue or grey usually. Wearing the same attire every day which they also hate is another reason to dislike school. Just think yourself how would you feel if you were asked to wear the same simple dress daily.


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    The timings of school is usually 8am to 2pm. These are very long hours and they seem longer when you have to attend boring lectures. The lectures get monotonous and the concentration span decreases. There is a limit to what a child’s brain can understand in a day.

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    Firstly teachers give boring lectures and adding on to that the attitude of some teachers makes them unapproachable. Some teachers have favorites and this is a discrimination against others. A teacher shouldn’t be biased as this can compromise on other student’s grades.

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    Some teachers think that punishing is the way to make students realize that they are mistaken. Sometimes they get too strict and fail to realize that its students they are dealing with. The students get embarrassed and hate the school.

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    There are many students in the school who like to bully others. The shy and quiet students become target and are too weak to stand up for themselves.

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  • 7


    This should top the list I think. Every student dreads the exam week, it is one thing they want to run away from. So this makes them hate school more.

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  • 8


    The same routine daily can get boring. The day starts by getting up early and in a grumpy mood, you attend boring lectures, have to eat the cafeteria food, come back tired, do homework and then sleep again.

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  • 9

    No fun

    After the student comes home, he is usually too tired to do anything else. He has to study so that the grades don’t suffer and then he sleeps. There is no fun in the routine.

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  • 10


    Wasn’t school enough for work that they had to send it home too? No student wants to open the same books when they come back from school.

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