Top 10 Things Americans Hate

Americans are often believed to be people who hate everything and everyone who are different from them. This is a huge misconception, as the people of American are just as nice and loving as anyone else. The misconception has been created because of movies, which project a very negative image of a society that values humanity and diversification.

There are, however, certain things that they really do hate indeed, but for understandable reasons. Different people have different ways of dealing with the things that they hate. The list of things that Americans hate is, interestingly, not very long.


  • 1

    High taxes

    The tax rate in American is pretty high and the citizens have to pay tax on literally everything. Parting with hard-earned cash is something that the Americans do not enjoy very much and therefore they hate taxes.

  • 2


    Deadlines result in pressure and stress and if there is one thing that the Americans do not like to feel, it is stress. Unfortunately, they find themselves under it on regular basis.

  • 3

    Paying bills

    There would hardly be anyone around the globe who loves paying bills. Americans are no different. They love to use the services, but when it comes to paying bills, they find it hard to stay in a good mood.

  • 4


    Everyone has to die one day, but watching a person lying dead and seeing his family crying and all depressed is something that the Americans hate a lot. It sucks the joy out of them for the moment.

  • 5

    Correcting them

    If there is one thing that really gets on an American’s nerves, it is when someone points out that they are doing something wrong and then tries to correct them.

  • 6

    Slow Internet

    Americans love to surf the web, connect with fellow American and the world through social networking websites, shop and play games online, stream videos, etc. They are unable to enjoy these activities if the Internet speed is slow. They simply love fast internet.

  • 7

    Waiting for food

    Americans are an impatient lot, who do not like to be kept waiting. The restaurants are away of this and therefore try not to take too much time to service food to the customers.

  • 8

    Ill-fitting clothes

    Even though Americans are not known for their dressing sense, hardly a surprise, they just cannot bear to see a person dressed by really badly. A man wearing a shirt that is too tight, a woman wearing really loose jeans would definitely get scorned at by the Americans.

  • 9


    Nobody likes to get their heart broken and Americans are no different, especially because they are mostly at the receiving end of them.

  • 10

    People who hate them

    America is a country that has people from all over the globe, belonging to different cultures and creed. Therefore, Americans simply cannot endure hatred towards anyone.

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