Top 10 Ways to keep your Elders Happy

There are many phases in life that one goes through. The start of life as a toddler and then one grows up to become a young person. Gradually age starts to catch up with everyone and time keeps going on and its old age. It is perhaps the toughest time of a person’s life since that person has lead a strong life only to realise that he or she now needs others for basic actions.

It is important that those who have reached old age are properly looked after as they have taken care of others when they were young.


  • 1

    Remember Important Events

    Remember important dates that are associated with an elderly person and act on the information. It is bound to make them feel good.

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  • 2

    Act Calmly

    Elderly individuals can sometimes be annoying and harsh due to their reduced cognitive abilities. Take it easy and act in a calm manner.

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  • 3

    Facilitate Them

    Try to provide them with all the necessities of life that are particularly essential for them. Elderly individuals generally have special needs that must be fulfilled.

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  • 4

    Show Your Love

    It is important that you express your love for them and let them know in clear words every now and again.

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  • 5

    Be Thankful

    They have done a lot for you and have made a lot of sacrifices. Make sure that you show them your gratitude for whatever they have done for you in life.

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  • 6

    Do Not Argue

    Elderly people can get angry and argue a lot even when they are wrong. Do not argue with them and just listen to what they have to say.

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  • 7

    Keep Their Trust

    Elders show trust in younger people and this must never be violated. It is important that they are comfortable with confiding in matters with you.

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  • 8

    Help When Possible

    Try to help them yourself whenever possible. A health worker can do the same but the love you will have and the appreciation they will show for you can simply not be replaced.

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  • 9

    Keep Them Company

    They do not need your money but they need your time. Try to give them as much time as possible. This is the best thing you can do for an elderly individual.

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  • 10

    Respect Them

    Respect is something all humans want and demand. They are your elders and they should be provided with respect at all times. Never disrespect them and you will earn their well wishes.

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