Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

Being in the virtual world by owning a website makes it necessary to have a web hosting company that is reliable, offers the most bang for your buck and has the lowest amount of downtime in comparison to others.

Depending on your location, budget and needs, there are thousands of web hosting companies around the world that cater to such needs, but in the end, there are only a few that are capable of being incorporated into the top 10 web hosting companies list. Take this list into consideration the next time you are looking for a web hosting company.


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    Without a doubt, HostGator has established itself as one of the biggest name in the world of web hosting in the least amount of time. With unlimited space and bandwidth, they offer great packages for all sorts of needs and wants.

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    With some of the lowest monthly packages available on the net, JustHost also offers unlimited options along with a free domain for life, suite builder and anytime money back offer.

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    Their claim of easy and green hosting has gotten iPage into the top list. They have an extremely easy to use drag and drop site builder with very low rates as well.

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    BlueHost may be a little more expensive when it comes to comparing it to the others on this list, but it is one of the most well-known web hosting companies out there since 1996. It offers SSH support as well.

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    With a 90-days money back guarantee, it is hard to go wrong when using hub for your entire web hosting needs. It also offers easy Wordpress hosting.

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    Claiming to have options for instant setup and real 24/7 customer support, hostmonster is a great option when you need to stay in touch with your web hosting company at all times.

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    Another green web hosting company is FatCow, which claims that their servers and offices are 100% wind powered.

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    Being one of the cheapest, WebHostinPad also claims to be the most hassle-free company. It offers unlimited plans like the more expensive versions as well.

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    eCommerce hosting is a big charm related to this web hosting company along with dedicated IP addresses that they use. They also offer unlimited packages.

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    With PHP5 hosting in the UK and around Europe, has become one of the better known, yet costlier companies that holds a good reputation among clients.

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