Tottenham Hale Tube Station London

Tottenham Hale Tube Station is an underground station of London that is operated jointly by London Underground and National Rail. Located in fare zone 3 and serving Victoria line; the station is one of the busiest stations of London. Originally opened in 1840; the station was given its name in 1968, while the area around it is famous for its landmarks and traditional English buildings. Talking about the services, the station offers parking facilities to travelers and facilitates partially blind, hard hearing and mobility impaired people. The station also allows assistance of dogs along with the access of push chairs for parents. The entrance areas of the Tottenham Hale Tube includes Tottenham Hale, National Rail entry and Ferry Lane South Side and the same routes can be used for exiting from the station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops
    People who want to satisfy their appetite after a long monotonous tube journey or want to get a cup of freshly made hot coffee in order to get freshen up for work, need to go to one of the following restaurants and coffee shops near Tottenham Hale Tube Station.

    Burger King, Pizza Hut Restaurant, African Torch Restaurant, Ferry Boat & Jambo Restaurant.

    Coffee shops:
    Costa Coffee, Markfield Park Café & Canteen, Genet Café.

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    Clubs & Bars
    Those who want to visit a fun place to get social and grab their favorite drink and party with friends and family have the following option of clubs and bars that are found near the Tottenham Hale Tube Station.

    The Opera House Nightclub, Bodyworks Gym & Tuff The Session Agency.

    The Lock, Ferry Boat & the volunteer.

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    Hotels & Accommodation
    People who have a piece of work near Tottenham Hale Tube Station to finish, or if they are heading this way for tourism or recreation can see a list of places that they can choose to stay in.

    Rosebery Avenue Guest House & ALITECH.

    Other accommodation:
    Talbot Road Hostel.

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    Sights and Attractions
    The area around Tottenham Hale Tube Station is famous for its historical buildings and landmarks, and tourists from different areas of the world come this way to see these historical buildings.

    The Markfield Beam Engine, Bruce Castle Museum, Tottenham Green & The Paddock Community Nature Park.

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    Educational Institutes
    People who have their residence near the Tottenham Hale Tube Station and are looking for an educational institute for themselves, or their children have the following available options.

    North London College, City Of London Business College, Devon Close Pre-School & Intercontinental College.

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    Gift & Bookshops
    If you have to go to some party or want to buy a birthday present for anyone, or in case you are fond of reading and looking for good books; you have the following choice of gift and bookshops near Tottenham Hale Tube Station.

    Terramundi Money Pots, Maplin & Swarton Gift Sales.

    Book shops:
    Maritime and Insurance Books & Krypton Comics & Books.

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    Health & Beauty Services
    People should never compromise on their health and beauty and those who are conscious about these things and want to join some health club need to contact one of the following health and beauty facilities.

    Bodyworks Gym, Fitness First & Tynemouth Road Health Centre.

    Secret Nails, Verve Salon & Gorgeous Nails.

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    Emergency Services
    In case you need help against a threat, or if you are in any danger you can ask for help by contacting one of the following emergency services.

    Metropolitan Police Service.

    Tottenham Fire Station.

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    Hospitals & clinics
    It’s always good to know about hospitals and clinics nearby in case you feel any medical issue. For people near Tottenham Hale Tube Station who want to consult a specialist or go for a regular medical checkup, here are the hospitals and clinics in the area.

    Tynemouth Road Health Centre, North London School Of Sport Massage, Lloyds Pharmacy & Tan Dental Practice.

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    Childcare Centres
    If you have an urgent piece of work to finish and you want someone to look after your child while you are away; you need to avail services of the following child care centres.

    Devon Close Pre-School, Tottenham Green Community Nursery, Pavilion Pre-School Community Nursery, Springfield School & Morning Star.

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