Unemployment Appeal Letter

Unemployment can be severely distressing for individuals, especially if their job is their sole source of income. Fortunately, several countries have unemployment assistance programs, where the designated governmental agencies help those who are in need of jobs and place them in appropriate positions.

If you are facing unemployment, here we will show you how to write an unemployment appeal letter along with providing a sample and a template for reference.

Tips for Writing an Unemployment Appeal Letter

  • Keep the letter concise but not too short
  • Explain your plight but don’t overdo it with long stories
  • Share your qualifications, skills and work experience
  • Be formal and professional throughout the letter
  • Sign the letter in the end


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    Sample of an Unemployment Appeal letter


    Mr. John Travis
    Head of employment wing,
    New Jersey 07080,
    United States of America,
    Subject: Unemployment Appeal letter

    Dear Mr. Travis,

    My name is Mathew Jonathan and I am currently residing in the state of New Jersey. My social security number is 1234567890A and I am a qualified engineer.

    Unfortunately, my previous employers, Rio Builders, recently underwent a downsizing and I was let go as a consequence. Since the last 3 months I have been searching for jobs but am unable to find any work that can help me support my wife and child.

    I write to you in the hope that you will be able to find me an appropriate job and help me with my employment woes. My work experience as an engineer is over 8 years, and I am confident that with my skills I will be a valuable asset wherever I am placed.

    My references, previous work records and academic qualifications are also attached with this letter and I will be more than willing to answer any queries or provide further information if required.

    I hope you will consider my appeal favorably and help me out.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Mathew Jonathan

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    Template of an Unemployment Appeal letter


    (Name of the person),
    (Department name of the person),
    (Address of his/her office),
    (Country name),
    Subject: Unemployment Appeal letter

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    My name is (Your name) and I am writing from (Your location/residence) in regards to my employment issues. I was recently let go from (Name of your previous organization) due to (Reason of being let go).

    I have been working as (Your designation) for the last (Years of experience), and am a qualified (Professional qualification). I am confident that my resume and skillset make me a desirable candidate for any (Profession niche) organization.

    On my own, I have been searching for employment over the last (Number of months), but have not been able to find work that can help me support my (Dependents).

    I hope you will consider my appeal for help favorably. If you require any further information or references, I will be happy to provide them as well.

    Looking forward to your response,


    (Your name)

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