What is Canadian Bacon

Making Canadian bacon is not that hard. By following the right procedure, this task can be performed easily. Canadian Bacon is an extremely popular food item in the United States and Canada. The steps involved in the production of Canadian Bacon are listed in this article. Canadian Bacon in the United States also known as “Canadian-style bacon,” and “American Canadian Bacon” starts with pork loin. Producers cut the fat and sliver skin off of the pork loin to achieve the required consistency. Some manufacturers also cut the pork loin into two equivalent portions to help speed up the smoking procedure.


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    Pork loins are typically treated for safety concerns. Curing prevents the growth of harmful germs that are vulnerable to occur in pork during the complex smoking process that helps the manufacturers achieve the required texture. Producers also use the treating procedure as an opportunity to provide extra taste to the pork loin before the smoking procedure begins. Some manufacturers add some of the brine solutions into the pork loin and use the rest for bathing purposes. The pork is then treated for at least 72 hours. After treating the pork, manufacturers take out the loin from the solution and use cold water to wash it thoroughly. Producers may also use the dry treating method instead of brine solution. As the pork loin is treated, producers place it in water for some time to reduce the sodium levels in the meat.

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    Production houses smoke their pork loins to improve the great taste that is common of Canadian-style bacon. Some manufacturers directly apply the smoking process once they've eliminated the excess treat from the pork loin. However, others prefer to dry the pork first before applying the smoking. The pork loin is placed in the smoker that is set to about 70 degrees C. This process lasts for at least 4 to 5 hours to achieve perfect results. Smoking wood chips are added to the pork loin after the drying process. The temperature of the smoker is increased to 90 degrees C when performing this task. The pork loin is then used until its inner temperature lowers by 10 degrees C. The pork loin must be cooled down immediately after removing it from the smoker.

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