What Is Punctuation In Literature

Punctuation helps make the written text more understandable in terms of meaning and connections between words and sentences. In addition, it facilitates oral reproduction of the written text.

It does not matter if you are compiling a business documents or writing a letter to your family or friends, you and your intelligence will give the contents of the document and the correctness of his writing, including punctuation.

Punctuation is very important because a single comma can radically change the meaning of the phrase. Punctuation is applied after following in certain rules for the completeness of proposal, its articulation and features of speech.


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    Punctuation is a system or set pattern of writing any language. Each sign offers a support element, designed to separate the meaningful parts of the text, logical and grammatical relationships between words, and other functions. Punctuation marks are placed in a sentence according to certain rules, compliance with which facilitate oral reading of written text (the alignment of semantic accents, pauses, intonation), make its visual perception and helps understanding.

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    One of the main functions of the elements of the system of punctuation in writing of Modern Languages is an indication of the semantic completeness of the text (sentences) such as point, exclamation and question marks, selection of individual parts of the sentence such as comma, semicolon, dash and colon etc, direct speech including quotes.  The use of citations in the text such as quotation marks, an explanation or definition of the term in the text silently in a separate sentence such as brackets is also important.

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    In theory, the punctuation can be divided into three areas: logical (meaning), syntax and intonation. Proponents of logical direction punctuation illustrate that its main purpose is to facilitate the transfer of written meaning, specify shades of meaning that are important for the understanding of the text. Syntactic direction punctuation theory defines the basic purpose of punctuation marks in the selection of individual sentences and phrases in them. Despite the different approaches, the followers of all three directions follow similar methods in identifying the main purpose of punctuation.

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