Difference between Median and Average Mean

Learning the difference between the median and mean is not as hard as some of you may think. In mathematics, sometimes you need to determine the main inclination of information set to have a better understanding of the date. The median and mean are both mathematical techniques of discovering the average amount of a set of number of figures. Sometimes the median and mean can be the same quantity. However there are a number of differences between these two terms and you must learn these differences to be able to use them in statistics.


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    The mean of information set is what is known as the "average”. Although the median is also the average of numbers, there are certain differences between the two terms. The mean is measured by including all the numbers in the information set and then dividing the sum by the numbers in the data set. For example, if there are kids whose age groups are 4, 5, 6, 7 and 11, the mean will be 6.5 years. The mean can be either a whole number or a fraction.

    When to use the mean

    The mean is the most commonly method of determining the main propensity in mathematics. This is because it is useful in most conditions than its counterpart. It is best used with large information set with unique information factors. The mean uses all of the information to sketch a summary about the whole set while the median works with only one data number to evaluate the whole information set.

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    Median of information set on the other hand is the number in the middle of the information set. Therefore 50 percent of the numbers are below the point and the same percentage of numbers should be above the median value.  The recommended computation method for the median does not change if there are repeated numbers in the data set. Consider calculating the median by determining the mean of the two points if there are an even numbers of information factors.

    When to use the median

    The mean is of great use when there is outlier in the information set. Outliers occur when there are information factors that are much higher or smaller than the majority of the figures. Although the outliers do not affect the median they can have considered affect on the sample mean.

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