How To Apply Crease Eyeshadow

Applying the eye makeup can definitely make your face appear more beautiful and gives you a dramatic appearance. Many women use solid colours on the eyelids and do not make use of the techniques that can further enhance the overall shape of their eyes. Applying eyeshadow on the crease of the eye can definitely make you look better, compared to what you may look after just applying makeup on your eyelids. It is really easy to apply different colours to the crease of the eye. So, do not hesitate and experiment different colours, according the overall shape of your eyes and the results you want after the application.


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    Analyze the shape of your eye before applying crease eyeshadow. Some of the common types of eye shapes include deep-set, close-set, wide-set, round, small and Asian. You should aim to make your eyes appear like almond shape, as it is the best way to give your eyes a versatile look.

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    Now choose the colour that you plan to use on the crease. If you already have almond shaped eye, make sure you choose darker colour compared to the one you applied to your eyelid. On the other hand, if you have close-set or Asian eyes, you can go for lighter crease colours. If you have deep-set eyes, it is advised that you should avoid using any colour on the crease, as it further make your eyes appear deeper, which you will never want to happen.

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    You can combine a couple of colours to give a customised look to your eyes. Moreover, you can experiment with different colours that can go with your overall structure and the colour tone of your face. Take a brush and apply both the colours on the back of your hand. Blend them well and check if the results are of your choice.

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    Pick a shadow makeup brush that you plan to use on your crease. Usually, narrow or angled brushes are best to be used, especially at the angled areas of the eyelid. Now rub the brush gently back and forth across the eye crease. If you want to add bolder look to your eye, you can slightly damp the brush, which will increase the overall effect of the colours you use.

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    After you are done with applying the colour on your crease, blend it with the overall colour of your eye lid. Make sure you do not leave any severance between the crease and the colour applied on the eyelid.

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