How to Ask a Girl Out on Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day is a festive occasion for couples, it can also be quite depressing for singles without having someone special to share the day with. But there’s no need to let that affect you because this article will give you an insight into how you can ask the lady of your dreams out on Valentine’s Day. In case, you’ve been meaning to ask a girl out for some time now, Valentine’s Day is the best occasion to do it since this day, which gives a reason to celebrate love, may be the start of your own love story!


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    Mustering enough courage to begin with, especially if you’re the type of person who is passive and doesn’t make the first move, is a good idea because you wouldn’t want to stand in front of the girl and realize you’ve blanked out on how and what to say.

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    Confidence is the key to asking any girl out. If you reek of nervousness or low confidence, you will put the girl off right that instant and a low self confidence level reflects badly on your self esteem and personality, portraying you as somebody with a weak character.

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    Be neat and clean because there’s nothing people hate more than bad hygiene. So it definitely helps to shower, shave and be in a presentable attire before moving towards the girl to ask her out for a date on Valentine’s Day.

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    Approach with a smile as this will not only show that you’re confident in your own skin but also put her at ease, lowering her guard.

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    Use your mind when talking to the girl. If she’s responding in a manner that shows she’s uncomfortable, re-evaluate your conversation topics. If you think she’s getting bored, bring up topics that might interest her. Bring her on to a certain comfort level before finally posing the question.

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    Add humor in your conversation. There’s nothing more attractive than a good sense of humor because if you only show your serious side, it won’t be long before she ends up yawning right on your face!

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    Self assurance is another key ingredient of a successful first conversation before you ask the girl out on Valentine’s Day. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be overly arrogant or try too hard. There’s a thin line that shouldn’t be crossed otherwise you will come off as somebody who is overconfident and in need of a reality check.

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    Don’t be a show off because this is one mistake most people do in the hope of ‘impressing’ the girl before they ask her out. Guess what? Its a wrong move because it shows you’re full of yourself and not someone who can step out of his own shoes. Girls like good listeners, not incessant talkers and self absorbed guys.

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    Encourage her to talk about herself. Ask her questions because that will show you’re interested in what she has to say. But be sure you aren’t too probing and personal with your questions.

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    Ask her out, but only after you’re sure she has been interested in you all along. Make sure you don’t come off too strong. Be gentle in your choice of words and the way you approach the topic. If you’re too upfront with the question, she may crawl back into her defensive shell and there is a chance you may spend the Valentine’s Day alone. Good luck!

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