How to Become an Online Community College Instructor

Teaching at a community college can both be rewarding and a great learning experience, but when it comes to online system, its benefits multiply. Those wishing to join an online community college as an instructor should know that the opportunities to find their job are many, but there are certain requirements that make one eligible for teaching an online class.

Online education is analogous to distance learning. It is generally believed that a substantial number of community college students are those who were not able to continue their education during their student life.


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    Get a degree

    No matter what field of study you belong to or whatever you want to teach at your chosen online community college, you must have a degree from an accredited institute. Most of the community colleges like to hire teachers with at least Master’s degree. However, there are some which prefer PhDs in certain fields. Getting a degree is the first step toward making yourself eligible for community college. If you have a teaching experience, it is a plus point. However, getting an instructor job with an attractive salary package is not possible without a degree on your CV (Curriculum Vitae).

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    Gain teaching experience

    If you have a degree in a certain field and your credentials speak of your capabilities, you still will be expected to have some experience. Most of the community colleges like to hire teachers with experience. Since the students at these colleges are from every walk of life, a novice or a person with no experience cannot work as a good instructor. If you have experience, that is good and your job prospects are bright. However, if you have yet to gain teaching experience, you need to apply for job at lesser-known institutes to brush up your skills first.

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    Work experience

    Teaching jobs do not require work experience in your field, as only prior teaching experience will be enough to get you the job you want. However, if you have worked somewhere in your respective field, your chances to get a job at an online community college are better than those having no work experience at all. Work experience usually broadens your knowledge and students love to be taught by someone having a practical knowledge of the subject. Since most of the teachers have no work experience in their field, sending a CV to an online community college with work experience will give you an edge over other candidates.

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    Search the Internet

    There are plenty of colleges online and a simple Google search should get you a list of institutes you may wish to join.  Some of the well-known community colleges are St. Joseph’s College of Maine, Ashford University and University of Phoenix.

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    Fill out online application form

    Once you have chosen a college, you can then fill out an application form and apply for the job.

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