How to Clean Rubber Cement Stains

Rubber cement is a great adhesive which is formed by mixing elastic polymers in a solvent such as acetone, hexane in order to keep it fluid enough to use. It is used for art applications and especially for paste up work where cement might need to be removed.

It may be a great tool but gives a bad impression if left on carpets or tablecloth. However, there is a simple process of removing its stains.


–        Absorbent pads

–        Dry-cleaning solution

–        Coconut oil


  • 1

    Rub away excess rubber cement

    First of all you need to remove all of the large rubber cement pieces left by simply rubbing it or scraping from surface.

  • 2

    Place absorbent pads under the stain

    After rubbing off excess dried rubber cement, take an absorbent pad and place it under the stain. You can apply this step if the stain is on clothes or fabric. In case you cannot put a pad underneath then skip this step.

  • 3

    Use dry-cleaning solution to cover stain

    Apply a dry-cleaning solution on the stain after placing the absorbent pads under. You can use Afta Cleaning Fluid as a dry-cleaning solvent.

    Take another pad and place the dry-cleaning solution on it. Then put this second absorbent pad on the top of the rubber cement stain.

  • 4

    Change the pads as they absorb the stains

    Replace the absorbent pads after they start to do their job. The pads absorb the stains so remove the old pads with the new ones which are dampened with the dry-cleaning solution.

    Remember to change both the above and bottom absorbent pads which have absorbed the stains.

  • 5

    Keep stain and pads moist with the solution

    You need to keep the rubber cement stain moist with the dry-cleaning solvent. Every time you change the absorbent pads with the new ones which are moist with the solution, remember to apply the solution on the stain as well.

  • 6

    Apply a dry spotter

    Make a dry spotter solution with help from coconut oil. Mix eight parts of dry-cleaning solution with one part of the coconut oil.

    After making the dry spotter solution, cover the absorbent pad with it and then place on the stain for five minutes. Repeat this process until all of it is removed.

  • 7

    Flush the area with solution and then dry

    In the end, wash the rubber cement stained area with the dry-cleaning solution. After that leave it to dry and you will eventually get rid of the stain.

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