How to Speed Up the Healing Of Skin

Everyone of us faces injuries and chooses different methods to restore health in less time. The most important and sensitive ligament of our body is our skin which protects us from injuries. Dermatologists say that our skin consists of two layers, the dermis and epidermis.

The first layer does not take much time to heal. However, the dermis does not heal quickly as it contains blood vessels, connective tissues and nerve endings. That is why injuries that hurt the dermis take longer to heal but you can speed up the healing of skin by following a couple of simple directions.


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    Disinfect your wounds:

    After getting an injury, you should disinfect your wounds immediately otherwise it will become worse. Use fresh water or anti-bacterial liquids to clean the area around your wound. Though, you can do it yourself but it is better to get services of a certified nurse.

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    Stop the bleeding:

    You must stop the bleeding without any delay. Applying pressure for some time is a basic technique to do. Do not lift the bandage to check whether bleeding has stopped or not. If the cut is deep then you will have to stitch the wound.

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    Remove the bandage after some time:

    Though, you should cover the wound immediately after the injury but you can expose it to air when it is healed enough. This really expedites the healing process.

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    Increase the intake of nutritious elements:

    Though, it is obvious but eating a healthy and well-balanced food really helps you to speed up the healing process. Remember, tissues are just like plants so you will have to provide the essential elements if you want to increase the growth.

  • 5

    Eat vegetables and fruits:

    You can make your skin as good as it was before the injury. All you need to do is increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. They are natural source of vitamins and important nutritious elements. For example, fruits like oranges and apples contain Vitamin A and C along with Iron and dietary fibre. They increase metabolism in your body and help in the digestion of food.

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    Avoid deficiency of protein and zinc:

    You must ensure that your body is getting enough protein and zinc which can really help in speeding up the skin’s healing. Meat and beans are the major sources of these nutritious elements. However, you should maintain a balance in your diet plan to avoid any side effects.

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