How to Style Hair for Gymnastics Meets

Gymnastics needs special attention when it comes to styling your hair, in order to better perform in the competition. For some, it may sound weird that how hairs can play part in performing well in the competition. However, styling your hair properly can definitely help you in giving your best in the field.

Gymnastics require a lot of movements and you will never want something to hinder in your vision ability. Therefore, hair can be the first thing that can come in front of your face and make it difficult for you to see properly. Therefore, hair must be pulled back tightly and tucked, so that you can perform at your best. Moreover, female gymnasts usually tuck their hair high in order to give themselves complete room to move freely.


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    Take a spray bottle and use it to wet your hair, as wet hair can stick back easily compared to dry hair. Take styling gel and run it through your hair. Make sure you distribute the gel evenly on to your hair.

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    Using a brush or a comb, pull back hair tightly and gather them on the back top of your head, in the form of ponytail. Take a ponytail holder and wrap it around the hair tightly. Make sure you secure the band as close as possible to the scalp.

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    If the hair is long and they hang past the shoulders, try to make a braided bun. Braid off your hair and tie the end with ponytail holder or band. Starting from the base of the ponytail, start wrapping it and finish it by tucking in the tail. To secure the bun, use as many bobby pins as required.

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    If the hair is shorter, try to form foam curlers. Wrap different sections of your hair (around one thumb in width) and keep them in that position before the start of the competition. It is advised that you must keep them wrapped for at least 6 hours.

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    Smooth back the hair from the front, back and side of your head and strap loose strands using pins or clips. Take a maximum-strength gel spraying bottle and spray it gently and equally on the hair.

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    You can also use ribbon around your hair. However, make sure you are allowed to wear it of your own choice, as some meets only allow specific ribbons to be worn. On the other hand, some completion officials allow the gymnasts to use their own chosen ribbons.

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