How to Submit an Exhibition Proposal to a Gallery

It is necessary that you acquire a well-regarded art gallery to showcase your work. It will not only validate your class but also help you to make good money by selling your work. Even if you are not interested in selling your work, it is essential to organise an exhibition as appreciation and admiration of work is like a pat on the shoulder for an artist.

Getting an art gallery can be difficult on a short notice as there are lots of things happening around the art scene. You may solve this problem by submitting a well drafted proposal for an exhibition.


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    The most important thing is to select a gallery. You should pick one that is famous for the genre you are proposing. You may take help from internet as almost every prominent art gallery has its website. You should knock at the right door as a gallery which is known for murals and sculptures will not be interested in your proposal for exhibition of hand-knitted shawls or something like that.

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    Visit the selected gallery and ask the manager to provide you a copy of gallery’s guidelines for an exhibition proposal.

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    Prepare a cover letter for your proposal and briefly describe your work. You may give them the time period in which you are planning for the exhibition.

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    Now it’s time to draft the proposal. Strictly follow the guidelines provided by the gallery as any blunder can result in not being allowed to have an exhibition.

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    In the opening of your proposal, you will introduce yourself and your style of work. Give complete details of your previous exhibition and if it is your maiden attempt then submit samples of your work. The managing authority will review to verify the quality of the work.

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    Describe your work and tell how relevant and important this is in the contemporary era. Do mention the time and date of exhibition.

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    Offer them an introductory lecture or presentation as it will help the visitors to understand your approach. You can give them the outline of your lecture.

  • 8

    Attach other important documents as demanded by the gallery’s management and remind them to check these documents.

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    Now leave your draft and have another look at the proposal after some time. You may ask one of your friends to give a neutral opinion. Provide your friend the guidelines of the gallery so that he/she can evaluate according to those requirements.

  • 10

    After editing, print your exhibition proposal on quality paper as presentation is also very important.

  • 11

    It is better to deliver the proposal in person as it can give you the opportunity to talk to the owner or manager of the gallery.

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