How to Sell Your Handcrafted Jewelry to Local Art Galleries

If you are good with handmade jewelry, it is the time to make money through it. A lot of good designers fail to taste success just because they don’t know how to sell their products. If you have made a few fine items of handcrafted jewelry, you will surely find several good purchasers.

The local art and craft gallery is the best place to start with. No one should take local galleries any lightly, because they can be an outstanding way to reach a higher end audience. Choosing the right gallery is the most important thing. First of all, get rid of all the fears. If your items are good, everybody would gladly purchase them.


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    Select the right galleries

    It is always better to visit the local galleries to get an idea about the stuff they sell. You can take advice from other jewelry makers to find out the one that suits you.

    There is no need to approach the big names initially. A lot of big galleries usually hesitate to purchase from the new makers. You are more likely to receive a positive response from the smaller and lesser known establishments.

    Most of the art galleries to sell jewelry online. So, you can always visit their websites to see what kind of stuff they have listed. Make a list of the suitable galleries.

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    Prepare your jewelry

    Don’t go to the buyer with only a few items. It is always better to take a variety of products to the gallery. Make sure you can produce enough quantity to meet the demands.

    The gallery owner may not be able to give you a lot of time. So, the best way is to attach the price tags with each item. Being able to define your style verbally or in writing is also a very important step.

    There is no need to focus too much on the price initially. Once they like your jewelry, you can always negotiate afterwards. As a beginner, you will surely have to compromise on the margin of interest.

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    If the gallery says yes

    If the owner agrees to give your jewelry a place in his art gallery, be prompt in delivering your work. You must continuously stay in touch with the owner to see if they need additional items.

    It is always good to have more than one buyer, but you must not market your product to other galleries in the immediate area. Once you have developed a good working relationship, the gallery owner can help you market you jewelry to a higher end audience.

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