Top 10 Ways to Deal with Difficult Irritating People

Admit it; there are some people you just cannot stand the sight of. For others, you are fine as long as they keep quiet. This is pretty normal. The difference in attitudes and personalities are bound to create such emotions. Coming across and dealing with people who annoy you can be quite an irritating moment. This certainly does not mean that you let them drown your good mood and ruin the day. You need to learn how to deal with them in the most effective ways. Your life will be free of this constant irritation in no time.


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    This is the most natural and effective of methods. The less attention you give them, the better. You might just have to act as if they do not exist.

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    Hook them up with someone else:

    If you are stuck with an irritating person and he/she is dependent on you, introduce them around. Encourage them to make friends so that they get off your back.

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    Get busy:

    When an annoying person approaches, find something urgent to do. Concentrate on your work and give it your complete focus. When you are busy, you have little time to get irritated by others.

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    Reality check:

    If patience and ignoring do not work, you will have to consider giving the other person a reality check. You can make him/her realise your annoyance through subtle hints if you do not want to get direct and rude. However, for the persistent ones, you do not have any other option.

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    Change company:

    If the irritation is growing on you, it is better to change your company. This certainly does not mean that you change the important things in your life like work, family and friends. Just make small adjustments like changing tables in office to avoid confronting the other person.

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    If you know a person you know with a difficult attitude which makes him/her socially unacceptable, it will be a very noble act to counsel him/her and make improvements in him/her personality. Before you suggest any improvements, you will have to get on their good side or trust list so that they take you positively.

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    Defeat negativity:

    If there is a negative person who discourages you in anything, do not reply to him verbally. Keep a safe distance and concentrate on your work. Silence him with your achievements and progress.

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    Satisfactory answers:

    Over-inquisitive people are very irritating with their never ending questions which can extend to the most personal ones. To get rid of them, it is better to satisfy them with full answers once and for all or to just tell them you do not feel like sharing. Keeping them inquisitive is going to prove costly.

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    Shield yourself:

    Build up an invisible shield around you with your attitude that repels difficult people. Surround yourself with positive people with whom you are comfortable and give a cold shoulder to those who irritate you.

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    Appear equally irritating and difficult:

    What better than repelling them by adopting their very own attitude? Act the same with them and give them a hard time.

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