A Simply Delicious Way of Making Extra Money

There were many vendors at the First Annual Gift Bazaar at Paschal High School Dec. 10th but one stood out among many.

Tastefully Simple Gourmet Food, which had samples among some other sellers.

I don’t know what I tasted but I know it melted in my mouth and I wanted more.

So I got more.

The company’s motto is “The food you love, the time you deserve” and they are based in Minnesota but their independent contractors live all over the country.

The company sells their items through food-tasting parties and in a fun, social setting guests have the chance to try appetizers, sample main courses, and desserts.

An 83-year-old grandma who got in to the business through her daughter and who had doubts about whether she could make the simple dishes was easily able to whip up dips, bread, soup, and desserts with little effort.

One of the more popular items is Bountiful Banana Bread. That kind of bread is one of my mom’s specialties.

Another favorite is Watermelon Bread.

People from all walks of life and age groups have been very successful, according to the company’s website.

When the company was founded in 1995 a catalog of privately labeled spices, soups, mixes, and sauces was established.

Simple recipes such as Honey Teriyaki Mandarin Orange Chicken can be found among the company’s offerings.

Founder Jill Blashack says, “We started out in a shed with no running water.”

The company also does community giving by preserving the environment and fostering the arts. Even the kids get involved.

In 2004 Tastefully Simple donated over $675,000 in cash donations to non-profits.

Some of the charities they have helped include Habitat for Humanity, Listening Ear Crisis Center, Douglas County Hospice, Heart of Lakes United Way, Alexandria Jaycees/Jingle Bells, and others.

For more information call 1-866-328-6673.

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