Alternatives to Cleaning Solutions

For years I have had problems with not being completely happy with the actions of a cleaner. I have usually pulled out all of my cleaners and tried everyone of them to try to get a stain out of my sons clothing.

My son is capable of finding the dirt and allowing the dirt to jump on him as soon as he leaves the house. Some laundry treatments do not get these stains out that he accomplishes. I had the choice to either buy groceries or buy my fabric softener, pre wash spray, pine cleaner, and window cleaner. I would have to settle with the buying of laundry detergent, shampoo and dish soap. This is what I had left to work with.

I had been adding baking soda to my wash, since some name brand detergent does have baking soda in it. On some of the boxes of baking soda it says to add to laundry to help with odors. Odors were not my only problem, stains were my biggest problems.

Vinegar with hours of research that I spent in the library and online was one of the biggest things that I had found that I could use. I bought vinegar and would forget that I had vinegar to begin with so there were gallons of it in the back of my pantry once I started to dig for it.

Vinegar, can be used for window cleaner and it doesn’t streak either. It also can be used as wax stripper for your hard wood floors and I soon found out that it worked better then the store bought wax remover. When you put it in cold water, a cup of vinegar would take out all body fluids, such as sweat, body oil and food oils as well. It broke down grease from foods like hamburgers and french fries. Set in grass stain also was not competition for my newly found vinegar treatment.

To farther use my supply of vinegar I used it for a rinse cycle, it broke down the enzymes from the laundry detergent and left some of my towels fluffier then the name brand fabric softener.

More was found for the supply of vinegar, soaking a cotton ball in the vinegar and placing it in a dish absorbed unwanted smells from smoke, pets and other smells that can sometimes fill a house. Hair stripper, facial scrubs and the list went farther.

There are more home remedies that save me a lot of money.

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