Andrae Crouch-Mighty Wind

Artist: Andrae Crouch
Title: Mighty Wind
Genre: Gospel-R & B

The name Andrae Crouch has become synonymous with Gospel music. The man has set the bar for all others to reach over the years and now has a new release Mighty Wind to add to his impressive resume spanning over thirty years.

Gospel music is good for the soul, there is no denying that and Crouch has put together a cohesive and strong release encompassing fourteen inspiring tracks filled with the foundation of gospel and an undercurrent of R & B and funk to make it more interesting and appealing to a wider audience.

Gospel may not be for everyone but with groundbreaking artists like Crouch, he affords the opportunity for those normally not exposed to the music a chance to become genuinely interested.

Mighty Wind is good music with a purpose that resonates with anyone with an ounce of faith. For my own purposes, I felt hopeful and energized after hearing this great music and message. In today’s world, it is a nice change that is consistent with the messages of the church.

June 30, 2006

01. I Was Glad (5:12)
02. I Was Glad (reprise) (1:51)
03. All Because Of Jesus (5:31)
04. All Because Of Jesus (reprise) (1:28)
05. Jesus Is Lord- featuring Karen Clark-Sheard (6:06)
06. Bless The Lord (5:45)
07. Bless The Lord (chant) (2:43)
08. O Give Thanks- featuring Fred Hammond (5:17)
09. We Give You Glory- featuring Crystal Lewis (5:29)
10. Come Home (5:24)
11. Holy (5:13)
12. Thank You For Everything (5:05)
13. Yes Lord (5:02)
14. Mighty Wind (8:34)

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