Auto Care: Tips for Preventing a Dead Car Battery

Becoming stranded because of a dead car battery is not fun – especially if it occurs on a secluded road. While there is no way to know when a car battery will die, there are ways to keep a battery alive.

Know Battery’s Age – Batteries have different expectancies. When buying a new battery, inquiry about the average life, and then keep a record of the purchase date. Therefore, if the battery has an averaged life of seven or eight years, you have a pretty good idea when it will need replacing.

Perform a Load Test – If unsure of how much juice your battery has, make an appointment with a mechanic and ask for a battery load test. These tests are very effective because they provide a good indication of how much power or life is left in the battery. Batteries that fail load test need replacing.

Clean Battery – Removing debris and corrosion from batteries may contribute to a longer life. Fragments can be cleaned from batteries using water and baking soda. If you prefer, have the battery cleaned by a professional. This service could accompany a battery load test.

Pay Attention to Lights – Newer and older vehicles have lights below the dashboard which serve as indicators when something needs repaired. Thus, if the battery is weak, a symbol may appear recommending maintenance or battery service.

Inspect Battery Cables – Aside from a dying battery, other factors may contribute to a car being unable to start. Before buying a new battery, have the old one inspected. Sometimes, a battery cable may become loose or unattached. In this instance, simply tightening cables will solve the problem.

Invest in Battery Heater – Cold weather is taxing on car batteries. Because of overnight freezing, snow, and so forth, it may take longer for cars to start. To avoid draining your battery of power, consider investing in a battery heater. By using the heater, you will use less energy or power when trying to start the vehicle during the cold weather months.

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