Best Burgers in Hoboken

Not all burgers are created equal. If you’re heading out for a burger in Hoboken, be sure to check out these spots.

Perhaps the very best burgers in Hoboken can be found at the New Orleans-styled restaurant near Hoboken Terminal called Oddfellows. Oddfellows serves a huge, juicy burger cooked to perfection on a delicious English muffin. You can get the burger blackened or grilled. Either way, you’ll be satisfied with the burger itself and the perfectly seasoned criss-cut jazz fries. I highly recommend having a Hurricane or two with your meal.

Another great burger in Hoboken can be ordered at Ted & Jo’s Restaurant on 11th and Garden. Served with steak fries, I suggest you have their master chef add fresh mozzarella cheese. Ted & Jo’s is a great date place and also a decent pub, though you may wait around awhile for your table on certain nights. Sit outside during the summer and try Ted & Jo’s for Sunday brunch.

A surprisingly good burger can also be found at Green Rock Tap & Grill near Hoboken Terminal. The place doesn’t look like it would serve good food, but in this case, looks are deceiving. They also make a variety of terrific wraps. The burger’s served with plenty of shoe string fries. Order one during happy hour and take advantage of their great drink specials.

The Black Bear on Washington Street in Hoboken makes a damn fine burger as well. The food seems to be better here when the restaurant’s not too busy, so check them out for lunch or an early dinner. There are plenty of television sets if you want to catch a game while enjoying that burger.

Zack’s is another version of Ted & Jo’s, only it’s downtown on Willow Street. While the food is not quite as good as it is uptown, they still make a really good burger. And the restaurant is usually a lot less crowded. They sometimes skimp a bit on the fries, so order an appetizer before your meal.

If it’s warm out and you’re looking for a great place to sit outside, enjoy a burger, and watch the masses walk by on their way home from work in New York City, grab a table at Texas-Arizona. Their burgers are just a bit above average, but their location directly across from the Hoboken PATH station makes up for a lot if you want to enjoy a beer outside and watch the folks stroll by.

There you have it, the best burgers in Hoboken. Bon Appetit!

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