Best Places for Gourmet Pizza in Madison, Wisconsin

‘That’s amore!’ in Madison, Wisconsin where opportunities abound for the best pizza pie in the city. Madison has a strong Italian and Mediterranean restaurant sector that has changed and evolved over time, but the classic thin crust pizza is not the only option for tasty cheese and dough. Gourmet pizzas are an alternative choice, chock full of delicious fresh toppings and unique combinations.

If you’re antsy for a Chicken Burrito pizza, stop by Ian’s prized locations in downtown Madison. You’ll find gourmet Chicago-style deep dish pies at Boston’s, a franchise that offers a full-scale menu suitable for all tastes. Glass Nickel Pizza Company has been voted the Best of Madison for over four years in a row, with specialties such as the Couch Potato and Thai Pie. Pizza Extreme and the Urban Pizza Company offer locally-owned gourmet features that will help you explore a world of pizza you never thought possible!

When your urge for gourmet pizza strikes in Madison, you won’t be at a loss. Madison’s hardworking chefs know what it takes to make the best hand tossed dough, special sauces, and wild combinations for a real gourmet treat. Choose any of the following top five picks for the best pizza pie around:

1. Ian’s Pizza
319 Frances St., 115 State St.
Ian’s offers patrons the ability to order by the slice; a much-needed option for the downtown crowds since many are students and party-goers looking for a substantive meal in the late hours. Ian’s unique specialties include the famous pizza show-stoppers: Chicken Burrito, Penne Chicken Alfredo, Philly Cheesesteak, Macaroni & Cheese, and Kalamata Mozzarella. Believe it or not, all are pizza concoctions and also available in whole 10″ or 20″ pies. Whether it’s vegetarian, steak, chicken, or traditional pizza on your mind, you’ll be sure to find it at either of Ian’s locations.

2. The Glass Nickel
2916 Atwood Ave
Glass Nickel Pizza Company is one of Madison’s most-talked-about pizza hotspots. The Glass Nickel offers not only signature pizza, but also hot and cold subs, calzones, and pasta specialties. Specialty pizzas include the Cheeseasaurus, Fetalicious, Border-to-Border, Cardiac Arrest, and Chicken Cordon Bleu. Don’t forget the Thai Pie and Couch Potato for a truly unique addition to the menu. Vegetarians will be pleased with the large selection of hot and cold vegetarian sandwiches including the Humongous Hummus and Hot Veggie hoagie. ‘In Pizza We Trust’ is the company’s slogan; it certainly shows in the vast menu. In addition, the company has converted many of their delivery cars to a biodiesel hybrid car that runs on used fryer oil for fuel. The cars are termed ‘grease cars’, and the move is just one of their many contributions to environmental causes.

3. Boston’s
8420 Market Street, Middleton
Although Boston’s is a pizza ‘concept’ franchise restaurant, it offers a wide selection of choices in Gourmet Pizza. From 8″-15′ rounds, these deluxe pizzas are full of fresh and flavorful ingredients, with the Masterpieces portion of the menu offering the most unique and noteworthy. Try the Chicken Da Vinci for a fresh take on spinach, artichokes, spicy chicken, and imported cheese. The Roman offers spicy Italian sausage, olives, artichokes, and roasted red peppers atop the hand-tossed crust. Zorba, the Greek is just one of five vegetarian pizzas that is a delicious spin of greek salad ingredients on a pizza pie. Boston’s also offers sandwiches, Italian-American entrees, and of course dessert!

4. Pizza Extreme
605 E. Washington Ave
For the best Chicago-style stuffed pizza, opt for Pizza Extreme’s delivery of piping hot fare. Pizza Extreme offers Madisonians the benefit of home delivery at all locations, and the menu includes hot and cold sandwiches, appetizers, salads, and platter combinations. The Bucky Melt is a much-requested Badger fan choice, featuring heaps of sausage, mushrooms and Wisconsin cheddar. The Olympic Garden is ‘Endorsed by the Gods on Mt. Olympus’ with layers of spinach tomatoes, olives, peppers, onions, and feta cheese. Enjoy the Bacon Double Cheeseburger in the stuffed version for a combination of ground beef, mozzarella, bacon, cheddar, and onion.

5. The Urban Pizza Company
1501 Monroe Street
This locally owned, downtown hotspot features some unique ‘designer’ style pizza options. If you’re looking for a veggie-friendly choice, pick The Adoris: this one is a pesto-based pizza layered with spinach, red peppers, onions, tomatoes, and mozzarella. The Thai Chicken is a crowd pleaser featuring grilled chicken onions, red peppers, roasted peanuts, and an addictive Thai peanut-ginger sauce. The Urban Rancher is another crowd favorite with grilled chicken, bacon, cheddar, onions, and a zesty ranch sauce. The Urban Pizza Company now offers a full-service coffeeshop, as well as a selection of appetizers, salads, and bakery for dessert.

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