Bicycle Safety Tips

Bicycle Safety

Statistics state that over a half a million bicyclists are involved in car/bicycle accidents each year. Don’t assume that just because you are just going a little ways on your bike, that you can ease up on bike safety. Most accidents occur where you least expect them to.

Whether you own a single speed bike (which I swear, I’m going to go back to) or an 18 speed (which I have now), there a few safety tips to keep in mind if you want to have a positive experience on the bike trails or just peddling around.

How many of you don’t wear helmets. Our granddaughter’s life was saved when she fell off her bike and hit her head on the bike path at a state park with her helmet on. She later got a reward and a T shirt that stated ” Don’t thump your melon, wear a helmet.” from a park ranger who saw her wearing her helmet later on.

Clothing for biking is the same as for walking. Wear light or bright colored clothing and a fluorescent strip on either your clothes or shoes.

Be responsible and courteous on your bike. If you are on a trail or sidewalk, be courteous and respect those that are walking or riding their bikes. Say something polite as you bike past them so they aware of your presence. Bike at only the speed that is appropriate for that area and the surroundings.

Again, if you are riding on a bike trail, stay on the trail. The nature around you does not need to be disturbed because of carelessness. Respect the animals and vegetation along the pathway.

Stay on the right hand side of the path, unless you are passing someone. Always remember that bicyclists always yield to motorists, pedestrians and horses. Keep in mind that some horses spook easier than others, so it is appropriate to stop and ask the person riding the horse, the best way to pass.

Since we all love this planet we call earth, please take the time to report anyone abusing the trails you enjoy riding on, or even just report the abuse of a bike trail to the proper authorities.

Enjoy the world around you and allow others to do the same. Happy trails!!

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