Artist: Bluessmyth
Genre: Blues-Rock

‘s answer to ZZ Top has arrived. They are a raw and energy fill trio called Bluessmyth. This killer blues rockin’ trio is the Yaholkoski brothers, Chris and Jason, and Calvin Becker. Chris leads the way with his beefy lead guitar chops, a deep voice (that sounds like Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top) that snarls. Jason sings backup vocals and thumps away on bass laying down a bottom end for the other half of the rhythm section, Becker, who plays drums, keyboards, and provides backing vocals. The band likes to call it blues metal and I can relate to that in some ways but when it’s all said and done its blues-rock.

Rocking blues comes out sounding its very best this way and it’s all because there are no complications with the song structures, they crank it out with passion and fire to make it feel real. On the lyrical side, it gets a little heavy and complex with the three-part track “The Story of Emmett Till,” which is true story about a young man, brutally murdered because he was black. The music is naturally highly charged and emotional and brings to light the sadness and harsh realities of racism.

The cover depicts a powerful man (the character’s name is Henry) shaping and molding his weapon, which falls right in line with the way this band plays and develops each of the tracks on this CD. They do it with a lot of muscle and sweat and make it into something that works both musically and lyrically, which is what it’s all about when you record an album. I see where this CD would have equal appeal with rock and blues fans. Yes, very potent stuff here-you have to hear it to feel it, believe it, and come to know it as if you were part of the story. It worked well for me and I really had a good time rockin’ out and feeling the blues with this recording.

August 1, 2006

01. The Duel (0:52)

02. Rollin’ Penny (2:42)

03. Bring It On (3:34)

04. The Story of Emmett Till

(I) Innocence Bound (3:10)

(II) Run For Your Life (3:36)

(III) The Phoenix (2:25)

05. Take The Road (4:32)

06. Mean Mean Woman (3:31)

07. Bluessmyth (9:21)


Chris Yaholkoski: guitars, harmonica, leadvocals

Calvin Becker: drums, keyboards, backing vocals

Jason Yaholkoski: bass, backing vocals

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