Buying Guide: Mineral Makeup

Taking care of your skin is necessary to ensure that wrinkles, general skin damage, and aging processes are reduced, if not eliminated! Even from a young age, enhancing your skin’s natural appearance and youthful glow is possible with today’s leading brands of mineral makeup. With the rise in skin care options, spa visits, and developing long-lasting skincare regiments, many women are opting for a natural, even organic-based approach to make up. ‘Traditional’ makeup routines included foundation, eye colors, lip enhancements, and blush. Today’s mineral makeup brands offer all of these in a soft, powdery form as an alternative application.

Mineral makeup is different than any liquid or standard cosmetics, as it is made with key ingredients that simply ‘sit’ on the skin. Since there is no rubbing involved, the makeup doesn’t clog pores; it rests naturally on the skin’s surface, and stays there with remarkable ingredients that solidify on the surface. Your skin will be softer than ever, and will not appear to be ‘made up.’ Mineral makeup works even in humid and exceptionally dry areas, as it does not add moisture to your natural skin. Think of it as a secondary safety layer for your natural skin; with no harmful ingredients, mineral makeup is great for sensitive skin types as well. Some brands offer SPF 15 sunscreen additions, adding to the protection component.

The leading brands of mineral makeup in today’s cosmetic market are Jane Iredale, Lori Hart, Bare Escentuals/ Bare Minerals. All brands offer a starter kit, complete with a puffy brush fit for application, and offering a variety of neutral shades and colors for all skin types. The introductory kits also come with some form of a ‘setter’; this may be a spray, another mineral powder, or other application that ensures your mineral makeup will last the entire day!

The breakthrough of this type of makeup is clearly apparent in the whole application process, the longevity of the product, and the vast array of colors and customizable shades. Since mineral makeup is in a loose powder form, it can be applied to all skin surfaces, even on breakouts without irritation. Technique for application involves a gentle, circular swirling motion that will help keep the mineral makeup even and smooth.

Today’s leading brands offer a host of options, colors, and applications. Here is additional information specific to each company’s features:

Jane Iredale

Jane Iredlae is one of the most popular brands on the market, and used by many high-end and luxury spas! Founded by Jane Iredale in 1994, the company has designed and developed its products with recommendations by plastic surgeons and cosmetic research scientists. The product line features foundation bases, blushes, lip color, shimmers,eye color kits, concealers, and of course a finishing spray to ‘hold’ the makeup in place. This brand is only found in salons, spas, and facial/aesthetic surgery offices and can be purchased directly from your closest site. From base to finishing powders, you’ll need to learn the full scope of the products before purchasing; make sure to consult with your local spa or salon for recommendations!

Bare Escentuals and Bare Minerals

Bare Escentuals and Bare Minerals are perhaps the most recognized brands, most recently making their debut on infomercials and television shopping networks. Bare Escentuals is based out of San Francisco. The 100% pure bareMinerals products are found in a silky-soft powder, and the key product is the ‘Mineral Veil.’ The Mineral Veil serves as the ‘setter’ of all the makeup in the process, and its signature ‘Buki Brush’ is your key tool for applying the Bare Escentuals product line. The introductory package costs $189.00 in most markets.

Lori Hart
Lori Hart’s signature brand of Natural Mineral Makeup offers non-toxic elements and water resistant products for its makeup line. Since the products contain no fillers, the foundation and blush kit are its top sellers; in addition, Lori Hart offers a Vita-C Serum, a Bio-Firm Face Lift, and a ‘Skingenious Pumpkin-A-Peel’ for a refreshing boost for tired skin. The Blush & Foundation Starter Kit starts at $110 on the website.

Other independent sellers and vendors can be found in the cosmetic market, offering similar features and benefits. However, these top three options ensure pure, natural, and even organic products in their ingredients list.

Taking care of your skin, no matter what your age, will help to keep it youthful, healthy, and glowing! Try a brand of Mineral Makeup as an alternative to your usual routine; you’ll notice an immediate difference, and learn to take a better approach to taking care of your skincare needs. Many luxury spas, salons, and dermatologists support mineral makeup for its strong positive skin benefits and natural approach.

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