Buying Guide to KitchenAid Products

While kitchenaid products reign from the amazing blender and all of its incredible accessories, all the way to refrigerators with the largest of any built-in bottom freezer with a whopping 22.5 cubic square feet of space. Kitchenaid also carries such things as dishwashers, fabric care products, outdoor products and of course cooking and countertop appliances.

So I will start with the impressive selection of refrigerators kitchenaid has to supply. With every kitchenaid refrigerator you get the ‘ExtendFreshâÂ?¢ temperature management system’ which creates the perfect temperature for everything you put inside your refrigerator with sensors located in both the refrigerator and freezer. And the ‘FreshChillâÂ?¢ temperature-controlled meat pan’ and the ‘FreshSealâÂ?¢ humidity-controlled crisper’ that creates the ideal temperature for fruits, meats, and vegetables. So with those incredible features you can’t go wrong with any kitchenaid refrigerator you decide on. Kitchenaid has a wide selection of refrigerator styles to choose from, from free standing refrigerators, built-in refrigerators, under counter and drawer refrigerators, ice makers, and wine cellars.

You may think with the great technology of those amazing features kitchenaid has supplied in it’s refrigerators, that the refrigerators would be ridiculously expensive, well if you thought that you would be wrong, the standard free standing kitchenaid refrigerator slides in on an impressive $1349, that is the cheapest kitchenaid fridge I’ve seen, not bad for a smart fridge, considering people spend about $700 more and don’t get any special features. Also most kitchenaid refrigerator have a built-in ice and water dispenser on the door. The most expensive free standing kitchenaid fridge I’ve seen comes at $2299, with more space and a few extra features such as, “SpillClean Adjustable slide-out glass shelves” and “SpillClean RollerTrac Adjustable glass shelves” you can’t go wrong with a kitchenaid fridge. And I think it is safe to say that kitchenaid refrigerators have something for everyone, and you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in a kitchenaid refrigerator.

Now moving on to the kitchenaid dishwashers, Kitchenaid offers three different kinds of dishwashers, Standard dishwashers, Drawer dishwashers, and Briva In-Sink dishwashers. Now personally I am impressed most by the in-sink dishwasher, just think, all you have to do is put the dishes in your sink, put the top over that side of the sink (which also doubles as a cutting board, and extra counter space) and turn on the Briva In-Sink dishwasher, you would not have to take the dishes out until they are cleaned and dried, kitchenaid uses “Flash dry technology” making the lid automatically pop up when the cycle has finished allowing the steam to escape creating faster drying time. The Briva dishwasher takes about half the time as a conventional dishwasher, and it can handle about 5 table settings of dishes in each load. With an extra deep second sink it can hold pots up to 14in. deep.

The smaller Briva costs about $1799, while the bigger of the two costs $1829, the only difference being size (32in. vs. 42in.).
Not only does the Briva In-Sink dishwasher cut dishwashing time in half, it also uses 50% less water than full sized conventional dishwashers.

But if a conventional dishwasher is what you are looking for, kitchenaid has exactly what you are looking for, with an impressive selection of, well, everything. I recommend considering a kitchenaid dishwasher from the P series, each comes standard with 4 cycles, including an optional high-temperature sanitizing rinse cycle, and Whisper Quiet, an advanced sound dampening technology. The P series kitchenaid dishwashers run in from $799 all the way to $1149.
Now to look at outdoor cooking equipment, Kitchenaid offers quite a few free standing, built-in, and built-in grills with side burners to choose from, running in anywhere from $1399 to $2299. Kitchenaid also offers a wide range, and impressive collection of accessories for your grills. Anything you need kitchenaid is sure to have, and you especially can’t go wrong with kitchenaid when all of “KitchenAidsÃ?® major appliances come with outstanding warranties that back up the premium quality of our products.” So you can feel safe when purchasing from KitchenAid.

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